What does horoscope of Amitabh bachchan tells about his success?

In this week’s celebrity horoscope let us see horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan. As Wiki says, Amitabh Bachchan is an Indian film actor. He first gained popularity in the early 1970’s for movies like Zanjeer and Deewar, and was dubbed India’s first “angry young man” for his on-screen roles in Bollywood

amitabh bachchan's horoscope

Amitabh Bachchan was born on October 11th, 1942 at 4:00 PM near Allahabad, India. Horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan is peculiar in nature. It has all the important Raja Yogas in his chart. And more importantly the mahadasha of planets which gives the most favorable result came at right age.

Placement of planets

Horoscope of Amitabh bachchan is with Aquarius ascendant and Libra moon sign with Swathi nakshatra star constellation. This made Rahu mahadasha to be till his 12 years. Ascendant lord Saturn is placed in fourth house, which is a friendly house to Saturn. The second lord Jupiter is exalted in sixth house. Third and tenth lord Mars is placed in eighth house. Fourth and ninth lord Venus is debilitated in eighth house but there is cancellation of debilitation and forming ‘Neecha Banga Raja Yoga’. Sixth lord moon is placed in ninth house. Rahu and Ketu occupied seventh and first houses respectively.

There are numerous yogas in his chart. The most important one is ‘Dharma Karmathipathi Yoga’. This yoga is formed when ninth lord and tenth lord is conjoint in a house or exchanged their signs or mutual aspect between these two planets. In the horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan, the ninth lord Venus and tenth lord Mars is conjoint in eighth house. This is a powerful Raja Yoga in his chart.

The second lord Jupiter is exalted in his chart. This made him a millionaire. The significator of wealth and lord of second house Jupiter is exalted means he would get the karakas signified by Jupiter very much. The second house is aspected by Sun and Mars two male planets. This made his voice very masculine and attracting one.

The fifth lord Mercury is exalted in his chart. It is a very important yoga in his chart. Exalted fifth lord represents luck and good fortune in his life. But since Mercury owns the eighth house also, it may give some defame in its dasha period. Mercury is conjuct with ninth lord Venus. This is another Raja Yoga. The lords of two trines (trikons) conjoining or having mutual aspect makes the native very lucky and wealthy person.

horoscope of Amitabh Bachchanhoroscope of Amitabh Bachchan

Life event analysis

Rahu mahadasha

Till his 12 years Amitabh was having Rahu mahadahsa. Rahu is placed in seventh house in Leo. This is not that great planet placement. During this period Amitabh was having normal childhood and good education.

Guru Mahadasha

From 1955 to 1971 he was having Guru mahadasha. The second half of Guru mahadasha gave him introduction into bollyowood. In 1969, he got his first movie chance in movie ‘Saat Hindustani’. He was having Jupiter mahadasha and Mars antra dasha. He got few more movies in the subsequent years. But they were not giving any big boost to his career.

Shani Mahadasha

From 1971 to 1990 he was having Shani mahadasha. This Shani mahadasha was the game changer in his life. Saturn being the ascendant lord showered benefic results in this mahadasha period. He got a break in the film ‘Zanjeer’, he acted in the lead role. This movie was the box office hit movie. This movie changed the career path of Amitabh Bachchan. After this he started to get good movies and continuous success in film industry.

Saturn owns 12th house also. Amitabh Bachchan met with an accident during the shooting of film coolie. This happened in the year 1983. He was running Saturn mahadahsa and Moon antra dasha during that time. Since moon is the lord of the sixth house it had to give some bad results. The sixth lord usually gives debt, enmity, legal issues or diseases. Amitabh had to undergo sever medical treatment in this period.

Budha Mahadasha

Budha mahadasha started in 1990 to 2007. Mercury is the fifth lord and also owning eighth house. Mercury is friend to the ascendant lord Saturn.  Mercury is exalted in eighth house. In a horoscope eighth lord should be hidden to eighth house. Meaning it has to be in 6th, 12th or 8th house from the 8th house. Then only malefic results would be reduced. But in the horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan Mercury is exalted in eighth house itself. It gave him very bad results financially.

First half of Mercury dasha till 1999 was very bad for him. He was the sponsor for 1996 Miss World beauty pageant contest. But it was a wrong investment for him. He was almost bankrupt in this period. But he came out of all the problems in the second half of Mercury dasha. He started his television career with Kon Banega Crorpati program in 2000. Because Mercury is owning the fifth house also. So, it has to save him from the problems.

Ketu Mahadahsa

Ketu Mahadasha started in 2007 and lasted till 2014. Ketu is placed in ascendant and it happens to be Aquarius. Aquarius is the suitable sign for Ketu. Ketu gives benefic results in this sign. The serpent planets would reflect the qualities of the lord of the sign occupied by them. So, Ketu’s dispositor Saturn is the ascendant lord and has to give benefic results in its period. It has already proved in Saturn dasha about the benefic results by Saturn. So, In Ketu mahadasha he made one more round in Bollywood. He made outstanding performance in various movies like Paa, Teen patti, Satyagraha etc.

Horoscope of Amitabh

Shukra Mahadasha

Amitabh Bachchan is having Shukra dasha started in 2014. Venus is another friend of the ascendant lord Saturn. It is the Yogakaraka planet for Aquarius ascendant. Venus is supposed to give benefic results in its mahadahsa period. He is continuing to give big hits like Piku, Pink etc. With out no doubt in Venus dasha Amitabh is going to give more and more success in his film career.

Political life

Amitabh Bachchan entered in to politics in 1984. He won in 1984 election for lok sabha. But he had to resign in very short period. The reason is Sun, the significator of politics is conjuct with benefic planets Venus and Mercury. It has also associated with tenth lord Mars. So, it gave the opportunity to enter into politics. But all these above said conjunction are in eighth house. This is a malefic house. So, he had to resign in very short period.

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