Virgo Horoscope – Rich in 2017?

In Virgo horoscopes, Jupiter is placed in 1st house this year. This is not a very good placement for Jupiter. There would be health issues because of this. But Saturn is placed in 3rd house. This is a good placement for Saturn. You will have enough strength to face challenges this year. There will be financial instability till September. After September, Jupiter is transiting to your 2nd house. This is a favorable placement for Jupiter. Virgo horoscope native’s income would double. All your financial problems will get solved. In July Rahu would be transiting to your 11th house. This would bring more gains this year. Business men will have more opportunities and gains. Some of you will buy new house or vehicle. Children would bring happiness. Employees will have good salary hikes this year.


Untimely food and sleep may cause minor health issues. But these will get solved with small expenditures. Parent’s health needs to be taken care. Medical expenses for them would increase. Mental tension because of more work load is possible this year.

Family & Finance:

Romance would be in your favor. You will have good times with your spouse. There will be harmony in family life. There will be good inflow of money this year. You will meet all your family member’s need without any issues. You will have a very good year.


Virgo horoscope employees will have good salary hikes and promotions this year. Misunderstanding with colleagues will get resolved. More work load in the first half of the year will bring good name and rewards in the second half of the year. Your higher officials would be in your favor. Job seekers will get good job.


Virgo horoscope businessmen will have good profit this year. There will be good financial inflow in to family. Some of you will buy luxurious vehicle this year. Those who are in cotton business, oil related business will gain more. Some of you will travel abroad for new business contacts.


Virgo politicians will have very good year ahead. Your name and fame would increase. Public support will be there when you speak to them. Your party will get more seats in elections. There would frequent travels and benefits from travels is indicated.


Virgo horoscope artists will have a great year. New opportunities would knock your door.  Those who are suffering in the industry for a long time would breath freely now. Income would double in this period. Those who work in low budget movies will have success.


Virgo horoscope farms will perform great this year. All your endeavors will have success and gains. There will more yield in cultivation. Those who are expecting financial aid would get without much difficulties.


Virgo horoscope women will have good year ahead. Need to take care in food consumption, because it may cause some health issues later this year. Employed women will have promotions in the second half of the year. Some of you will buy jewels and valuable stones this year. Some of you will attain motherhood.


Virgo horoscope students will have very good success this year. You will get chance to study in abroad universities. You will get financial aid from banks for higher studies. Your teachers will be cooperative to you. Friends will be helpful in tough situations.

Monthly predictions for Virgo horoscope


Virgo horoscope will have having Saturn in 3rd house and Mars in 6th house and Jupiter is placed in 2nd house as adhichara will give tremendous success in profession. You will have success in all your endeavors. Those who are in the right age for marriage will get married. Your relatives will be very supportive to you. Some of you will buy new vehicle.

Unfavorable period: 6th Jan 2017 evening 3:45PM to 8th Jan 2017 evening 5:58 PM


Virgo horoscope natives will be having Jupiter in 2nd house, Venus in 7th house and Sun in 6th house in the second half of the month. This is a favorable placement. Your loans will get repaid. Happiness will be there in family. Some of you will get parenthood. Business men will have more gains.

Unfavorable period: 2nd February 2017 night 9:11PM to 4th February 2017 morning 12:20AM


Sun in 6th house and Ketu in 6th house for Virgo horoscope natives indicates that your enemies will lose their power. You will win your enemies. There will be good money inflow. You will have good name in your professional field. Employees will get good salary hike and promotions. Business partners will bring more business.

Unfavorable period: 2nd  March 2017 evening 3:16 AM to 4th March 2017 evening 5:46 AM and 29th  March 2017 morning 11:39 AM to 31st  March 2017 afternoon 12:35 PM



Sun would be placed in 8th house and Mercury and Mars will be placed in 8th house this month for Virgo horoscope natives. There would be health issues this month. Mental tension and unnecessary travels would be there. Romance will not be in your favor. Business men will have adequate profits this month.

Unfavorable period: 25th April 2017 night 9:56 PM to 27th April 2017 night 9:51 PM


Jupiter in 1st house and Sun in 8th house is not a favorable placement for Virgo horoscope natives. There would be success after some obstacles. Income would be adequate. Avoid unnecessary expenditures. Business people will have small amount of profit.

Unfavorable period: 23rd May 2017 morning 8:26 AM to 25th May 2017 morning 8:33AM


Virgo horoscope will have Ketu in 6th house and Mars in 10th house this month. These are favorable placement for you. Need to have extra care when you deal with money. Family life would be happy. Relatives will be supportive. Business men will have less competition in field. Employees will have good development in their work place.

Unfavorable period: 19th June 2017 evening 5:29 PM to 21st night 2017 evening 6:52 PM.


Saturn in 3rd house, sun and Mars in 11th house and Ketu in 6th house is a favorable placement for Virgo horoscope natives. Rahu would be transiting to 11th house this month. There will be tremendous development in business. You will have huge profits this month. Some of you will buy new house now.

Unfavorable period: 16th July 2017 night 12:23 AM to 19th July 2017 morning 3:21 AM


Virgo horoscope will be having Saturn in 3rd house, Venus in 10th house, Mars and
Sun in 11th house shows there would be happiness in family. Income would double. Business men will have more business and profits will go high. Employees will have more work load but you will get rewarded for your work.

Unfavorable period: 13th August 2017 morning 5:54 AM to 15th August 2017 morning 9:41 AM


This month Jupiter would be transiting to second house for Virgo horoscope. Venus and Rahu in 11th house and Saturn in 3rd house shows success in all your activities. You will get financial aid at the right time. Business men will have good income and more business now.

Unfavorable period: 9th September 2017 morning 11:46AM to 11th September 2017 afternoon 3:04PM


Mercury would be exalted in 1st house for Virgo horoscope. This is a very beneficial placement. There would be good financial inflow. Employees will have salary hikes and promotions very easily. Relatives will be very supportive. You will buy some immovable assets now.

Unfavorable period: 6th October 2017 evening 7:35PM to 8th October 2017 night 9:33 PM


Jupiter in 2nd house and Rahu in 11th house shows that there will be prosperity in family. Health will be very good. All your health issues will be cured. Business men will have double profit. There will be happy occasions in family. Party time!

Unfavorable period: 3rd November 2017 morning 5:33 AM to 5th November 2017 morning 6:32 AM and 30th November 2017 morning 4:17 PM to 2nd December 2017 evening 5:32 PM


Virgo horoscope natives will have a very good time now. All the important planets are in your favorable positions. Business and trades will gain more. You will have exponential monetary gains this month. Some of you will get married to your loved one.

Unfavorable period: 28th December 2017 morning 1:41 AM. to 30th December 2017 morning 4:29 AM.


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