Taurus Horoscope – Rich in 2017?

Your zodiac sign lord is Venus. For Taurus horoscope natives, the year starts with benefic planet Jupiter in fifth house, which is a wonderful placement for Jupiter. This shows financial uplift this year. Saturn is placed in seventh house for the entire year. These are the favorable placements.  Your family needs will get fulfilled. Some may close their loans. Romance will be in your favor. Couples will have cordial relationship with each other. Wedding bell would ring for those in marriage age. Married couples will have new comer in the family. Financial gain from immovable assets is possible this year. Since Saturn is placed in 7th house, there would be misunderstandings and argument with relatives. Business people will have good profit this year. There would be good money inflow. But there are chances for misunderstanding with business partners. In July there is Rahu and Ketu transit this year. Rahu would be transiting to 3rd house. This shows tremendous success in all your endeavors. After September, Jupiter would be transiting to 6th house. So, after September, there would be financial setbacks, mental tension etc. You need to be careful in your financial dealings after this year September.


Taurus horoscope native’s health will be good. Though there is no major threat to the health, there would be mental tensions, tiredness, dullness would be there.  So better to do regular exercises, meditation etc. with peaceful mind you can overcome all these issues.

Family & Finance:

Romance would be in your favor for Taurus horoscope natives. Couples will have good times. There will not be any quarrels or misunderstandings. Since Saturn is placed in 7th house your need to be careful when you talk to your relatives. There would be good financial inflow. So, you would buy some gold jewelries this year.


Employed Taurus horoscope people will have ups and downs in the workplace. Though there is more work load, you will have mental peace. Your higher officials would be very cooperative to you. You need to have cordial relationship with your colleagues. There would be promotions in the first half of the year. But there would be lots of travels in the second half of the year.


Taurus horoscope business people would be having very great year ahead. You will have good profit this year. Government bank loans will be helpful to you. After September you need be very careful in financial dealings. There would be clashes with labors and your mental peace would get spoiled. Foreign related business will do better this year.


Though there would be small obstacles in your way, you will have good public support this year. Taurus horoscope politicians will have good respect and influence in the society. Expenditure will increase this year but you will get good name and fame because of that.


Taurus horoscope artists will get good opportunities to prove their talents.  Financially this year would be great for you. After August, there could be some hurdles in the career and health issues. You may miss some of the shootings or programs. Avoid unnecessary travels.


Farmers will have expected profit this year. There would be losses because of pests in the field. Unnecessary expenditure will be there. You would get bank loans to face these expenses. Auspicious functions would be there in your family in the first half of the year. Better profits would be there from animals, greens, fruits this year.


Taurus horoscope women’s health would be average this year. Your decisions would be good now. Financial conditions would be great. But need to take care when you deal with huge money. Think twice before you invest. There would be good auspicious functions in family in the first half of the year. Employed women will have promotions this year.


Taurus horoscope students will shine well this year. Your obstacles in education would vanish now. Avoid entertainment this year. You need to be careful with your friends. They can bring your reputation down.

Monthly predictions for Taurus horoscope


In Taurus horoscopes, Mars and Venus is placed in 10th house is a very beneficial one. But sun is placed in the 8th house in the first half of the month. This would give health issues and medical expenses would be there. Jupiter’s 5th house placement will give very good money inflow this month. Financial dealings would be beneficial. Some of you may get married this month. Business partners will bring more profit to your business.

Unfavorable period: 24th Jan 2017 evening 4:30 PM to 27th Jan 2017 morning 2:58 AM


Mars is placed in 11th house along with Venus for Taurus horoscope. This is a wonderful placement for financial benefits and prosperity. There would be happy occasions in the family. There would be harmonious relationship between couples. Your children would bring happiness into the family. Some of you would buy new land or house. Employed people would have good time in their office. Promotion and salary hikes are expected for them.

Unfavorable period: 20th February 2017 after noon 12:40 PM to 23rd February 2017 afternoon 1:00PM


In Taurus horoscope, Sun would be placed in 10th and 11th place this month. Venus is placed in 11th house. These are very good positions. Your health problems would vanish now. All your desires would come true. Though there would be small quarrels and misunderstandings with your spouse, there would peace in the family. Since financial condition is good, all the family needs to be met without any difficulty. Employees will have good development in their work.  Business people should adjust with their business partners.

Unfavorable period: 20th March 2017 morning 9:05 AM to 22nd March 2017 evening 8:35PM.


In this month Taurus horoscope, Sun is placed in 11th house in the first half of the month and Venus is placed in 11th house in this month. Jupiter is placed in 5th house. These are very good placements this month. Romance would be in your favor. You will have success in all your endeavors. There will be good financial inflow. All the problems you were facing in your professional life would come to an end.

Unfavorable period: 16th April 2017 evening 4:36 PM to 19th April 2017  morning 4:45AM


For Taurus horoscope, Sun is placed in your 12th house and Saturn is placed in seventh house. These are not favorable placements. But Jupiter in 5th house and Venus is 11th house is very favorable one. So, there won’t be any issues in financial gains. There could be heat related health issues this month.  Though there would be small misunderstandings and quarrels with relatives, you can solve those issues with your patience. You can repay some of the money lent from others. Business people will have good profit this month.

Unfavorable period: 13th May 2017 night 11:09 PM to 16th May 2017 morning 11:35 AM


Sun is placed in your own sign and Mars is placed in 2nd house for Taurus horoscope this month. This would bring unnecessary quarrels and misunderstanding in family. You have to control your anger this month. Do not interfere in unnecessary things around you. Since Jupiter is placed in 5th house, there would be ample money inflow this month. But avoid luxurious expenditures this month. Employed people can have transfer to your desired place. Business will have adequate profits this month.

Unfavorable period: 10th June 2017 morning 5:10 AM to 12th June 2017 evening 5:28 PM


This month’s planetary position for Taurus horoscope is favorable. Sun and Mars is placed in 3rd house this month. Rahu also transiting to 3rd house this month. These are very good placement for financial gains. Those who are in business can have huge investments in new ventures would bring good profit. Employees will have good development in their work place. Some may have promotions and salary hikes this month. Health would be good this month.

Unfavorable period: 4th July 2017 night 10:55 PM to 7th July 2017 morning 11:20AM


In August month’s Taurus horoscope, Sun, Mars and Rahu are in 3rd house from your sign Taurus. Jupiter is also in favorable 5th house. So, you will have favorable results from your activities. There will be happy occasion in your family. Since Saturn is in 7th house, you need to be patient with your spouse. Business will give expected profit. There would be very good inflow of money.

Unfavorable period: 3rd August 2017 evening 6:12 PM to 6th August 2017 morning 6:12 AM.


This month Jupiter would transit to 6h house for Taurus horoscope. This a not a favorable placement for Jupiter. Sun and Mars also in 4th house. This indicates financial problems. But you will find a helping hand to face this situation. Be cautious in financial dealings. You will have minor troubles and obstacles in your daily life. Do not go fast while driving vehicles.

Unfavorable period: 31st August 2017 morning 1:54 AM to 2nd September 2017 afternoon 1:58PM and 27th September 2017 morning 9:54 AM to 29th September 2017 night 10:35PM


Rahu in 3rd house and Sun in 6th house would bring success to Taurus horoscope. Though there are financial difficulties you would solve them with the help of your friends. Health issues would be there and hence medical expenses would increase this month. There would be difference of opinion with business partners. Romance may not be in your favor.

Unfavorable period: 24th October 2017 evening 5:52PM to 27th October 2017 morning 6:33 AM


Mercury in 7th house, Rahu in 3rd house and Sun in 6th house to Taurus horoscope this month. This indicates there would be problems and you will have to swim against the current. Health problems would be there. There would be arguments with spouse. Employed persons will have more work load this month. Business persons will have to listen to their business partners to gain more.

Unfavorable period: 20th November 2017 night 12:54 AM to 23rd November 2016 night 1:42 PM.


Jupiter in 6th house and Sun in 7th house for Taurus horoscope is a favorable one. Relatives  may not be helpful to you. Though there would be health issues, it will be solved soon. You need to put more efforts to gain more this month. Business will have adequate profits. Think twice before you make investment this month.

Unfavorable period: 18th December 2017 morning 7:05 AM to 20th December 2017 evening 7:58PM


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