Secrets of Bhavath Bhava revealed

In 1963, the importance of Bhavath Bhava in astrology is thoroughly analyzed by Shri H.R.Sheshadri Iyer, Bangalore. He has written a chapter about bhavath bhava in his book ‘New Techniques of Prediction’. This article was very much appreciated by renowned astrologers like Shri. B.V.Raman.

What is Bhavath bhava?

In his own words , “Lord of the Bhava moved from the Bhava at a distance equal to the number of  Rashis, the said Bhava is from lagna. This Bhavath bhava rashi causes this special situation and gives a special effect.”

In simpler words, second house from second house i.e third house (count two signs clockwise from second house, including the second house), it called bhavath bhava. Another example fifth house from fifth house i.e ninth house (count five signs clockwise from fifth house, including the fifth house), it called bhavath bhava. In this way we can say bhavath bhava of fourth house is seventh house, bhavath bhava of seventh house is tenth house, bhavath bhava of eleventh house is ninth house etc.

An important concept of Bhvath bhava is

“ If the lord of a house is placed in its bhavath bhava house, then that particular house will have tremendous development and prosperity.”

Ie., if the second lord is placed in its bhavath bhava house, ie the third house, then the financial status of the native would develop tremendously in its dasha period. If the fourth lord is placed in bhavath bhava of fourth house, ie in the seventh house, native would acquire lots of immovable assets in its dasha period.

I have given the bhvath bhava of each house in the below table.

bhvath bhava

So, what is the effect of these Bhavath Bahavas?

Dhanath Dhana: Second lord in third house is called Dhanath dhana yoga. With a small initial capital increasing one’s financial condition. It shows the development of wealth of the native.

Bhrathruvath Bhrathru: Third lord in third house is called Bhrathruvath Bhrathru. It indicates more number of younger siblings to the native. But third house indicates courage also. So, native will have lots of courage and it will be the key to native’s success in life.

Vidyath Vidya: Fourth lord in Seventh house is called Vidyath Vidya. It indicates advancing from one type of education to another or one degree to higher degree.

Puthrath Puthra: Fifth lord in ninth house is called Puthrath Puthra. This indicates more number of children or step children. Since fifth house indicates divine life, it can be said that more divine divine life style  for the native.

Shatruvath Shatru: Sixth lord in eleventh house is called Shatruvath Shatru. This indicates native having lots of enemies. But since eleventh house indicates victory, native would win all the enemies and succeed in life.

Kalathrath Kalathra: Seventh lord in ascendant or first house is called Kalathrath Kalathra. It indicates more wives or concubines to the native.

Maranath Marana: Eighth lord in third house is called Maranath Marana. It indicates one death causing another death. For example Shagamana or death by revenge or suicide by the death of one love etc

Bhagyath bhagya: Ninth lord in fifth house is called Bhagyath bhagya. This indicates more prosperity in life. Native would be very rich in his life. Since ninth house represents spirituality also native could be leading a very spiritual life.

Karmath Karma: Tenth lord in seventh house is called Karmath Karma. It indicates one profession to another. Native could be a succesful industrialist or entrepreneur.

Labhath Labha: Eleventh lord in ninth house is called Labhath Labha. It indicates multiple profits for the native. Native would be very rich. It can be seen in multi millionaire’s horoscope.

Vyayath Vyaya: Twelfth lord in eleventh house is called Vyayath Vyaya. This indicates more losses or expenditure. Native would be having habit of over spending.

Few examples for bhavath bhava concept:

In Jagdeesh Chandra bose’ horoscope can be an example for Vidyath Vidya. He is Taurus ascendant and the fourth lord Sun has occupied seventh house Scorpio. This is bhavath bhava for fourth house. J.C.Bose had very good education and he is a well known botanical scientist from India.

horoscope of Jagdeesh Chandra BoseHoroscope of Jagdeesh Chandra Bose


Sri Adhi Shankara horoscope has 5th lord in 5th house to 5th house i.e. in 9th house. Along with other yogas this position of 5th lord made him a great saint.

Horoscope of Adhi Shankarahoroscope of Adhi Shankara

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