Scorpio Horoscope – Rich in 2017?

Scorpio horoscope has Jupiter in 11th house. This is a very good placement for financial gains. All your dreams will come to true. Marriage is possible for the right ones. New comer in family is expected in the first half of the year. Romance will be in your favor. Relatives will be very supportive to you. Business people will have good support from business partners. Profits will increase this year. But since Saturn is in your own sign need to be careful in expenditures. Employed people will have good salary hike this year. Though there would be more work load in office, your colleagues will be supportive and help you to complete your job on time. Ketu transits to 3rd house in July. This is a favorable placement for Ketu. Success in all your activities. You will win your enemies. Jupiter transits to 12th house in September. So there would be expenditures for auspicious things. For example marriage, buying house, buying vehicles, party etc would be possible now.


Need to take extra care of your health. Since sade sati continues this year there would be unnecessary expenditures related to health. Family members’ health also need to be taken care. Old aged parent’s medical expenses would increase.

Family & Finance:

Romance will be in your favor. Your relatives will be supportive to you. Married couples will have good time now. Financial condition would be great. Income would double. Business people will have more business opportunities and more gains. Agency, commission, contract business people will have huge investments and more gains.


Scorpio horoscope employees will have expected transfers and salary hikes. Promotions are expected in the first half of the year. Colleague’s support will encourage you. Job seekers will get suitable job this year. There would be more work load tension in the second half of the year.


There would be good development and prosperity in business for Scorpio horoscope navtives. You need to cooperate with your business partners and labors. You will repay your bank loans this year. There will be heavy competition in the market in the second half of the year.


Scorpio horoscope politicians will have to spend more this year. But there would be good development in your public life. You will gain more in travels. Public support will be there for you this year. You will get prestigious position in your party.


Scorpio horoscope artists will get new opportunities.  Income will double. Parent’s health needs to be taken care. Their medical expense may increase. Avoid plans for new land or house. This will get delayed. You will get good name and fame in the last part of the year.


Scorpio horoscope farmers will have very good profit this year. There would be issues with pests and loses due this. You can have more profit by having more effort. People who are having paddy, wheat will have more gains this year.


Scorpio horoscope women will have average year now. Need to take care of your food habits. Your will have to spend more on health issues this year mental tension and weakness would be suffering you a lot. Some of you will get married this year.


Scorpio horoscope students will have tough time now. You will forget what you learn. So you have to read repeatedly. Continuous learning can help you to cross this tough time. Some students will get chances to go to abroad for higher studies.

Monthly predictions for Scorpio horoscope


Scorpio horoscope has Venus in 4th house, and Sun in 3rd house this month. There would be success in this month. Romance would be in your favor. Though there would be misunderstanding with relatives and friends there would be peace in family. Business people will not have much profit but there will not be any lose this month.

Unfavorable period: 10th Jan 2017 evening 6:48 PM to 12th Jan 2017 evening 7:50 PM


Scorpio horoscope will have Venus is 5th house, Sun in 3rd house. There will be happiness this month. Romance will be in your favor. Financial problems would get solved. Some of you may get married. Foreign related business will make good profit.

Unfavorable period: 7th February 2017 morning 2:43 AM to 9th February 2017 morning 5:11 AM


Though there is Sade sati continues for Scorpio horoscope, there favorable planet placements like Venus in 5th house, Mars is 6th house. There would be good inflow of money. Children would bring happiness to family. Competition in business would reduce. Employees will have expected transfers.

Unfavorable period: 6th March 2017 night 8:24 AM to 8th March 2017 morning 11:59 AM



Since Jupiter is in 11th house, Sun in 6th house in the second half of the year Scorpio horoscope navies will have good money inflow. Auspicious functions in family is possible now. Romance will be in your favor. Relatives and friends will be supportive. Business men will have more competition but profits will be more.

Unfavorable period: 2nd April 2017 afternoon 2:05 PM to 4th April 2017 evening 5:23 PM and 29th  April 2017 night 9:46PM to 1st May 2017 night 11:46 PM


Scorpio horoscope natives will have good time now. Business people will have less competition this month. Your profit will get doubled. Romance will be your favor. Children will bring happiness to family. Need to take care of your health.

Unfavorable period: 27th May 2017 morning 7:38 AM to 29th May 2017 morning 7:56 AM


Though Sun and Mars is placed in 8th house there would be gains financially because of Jupiter’s placement in 11th house for Scorpio horoscope. There would be health issues related to digestion. There would be unnecessary expenditures due to travel. Though there will be dullness in business there will not be any lose.

Unfavorable period: 23rd June night 2017 evening 6:22 PM to 25th June night 2017 evening 6:04 PM


Rahu transiting to 10th house to Scorpio horoscope this month. There would be work pressure and mental tension this month. Business people will have average profits. Romance may not be in your favor. New comer in family is expected this month. Employees will get promotions and salary hikes now.

Unfavorable period: 21st July 2017 morning 4:21 AM to 23rd July 2017 morning 4:32 AM


Scorpio horoscope natives having Ketu in 3rd house, Sun in 9th house and Jupiter in 11th house. So, there would be good financial gains this month. You will repay your loans and economic condition would become good. Business men will have more customers and have more profitin their business.

Unfavorable period: 17th August 2017 morning 11:59 AM to 19th August 2017 afternoon 1:39 PM


Venus in 9th house and Sun in 10th house for Scorpio horoscope natives. This indicates good money inflow this month. But since Saturn is in your own sign and Sade Sati is continuing you need to be careful in expenditures. There would sudden expenditures and mental tension in this period.

Unfavorable period: 13th September 2017 evening 5:47PM to 15th September 2017 night 8:37PM


Though there is Sade Sati, Mars is placed in 10th house, Sun and Mercury in 11th house would give good financial gains for Scorpio horoscope natives. Business will have good development. Gains will be more from business. Employees will have good name in their work place. They will be rewarded for their work.

Unfavorable period: 10 October 2017 night 11:18 PM to 13th October 2017 morning 2:03 AM


Mars is placed in 11th house and Ketu is placed in house of efforts, the 3rd house for Scorpio horoscope natives. So your efforts will have good fruits. There would be misunderstanding with relatives and friends. Romance may not be in your favor. Think twice before you invest huge amount in business.

Unfavorable period: 7th November 2017 morning 6:44 AM to 9th November 2017 morning 8:03 AM


Sun and Venus is placed in 12th house for Scorpio horoscope. This is not a favorable placement for these planets. There would be unnecessary travels and tiredness because of theat. Mental tension because of more work load would be there.

Unfavorable period: 4th December 2017 evening 4:53 PM to 6th December 2017 evening 4:33 PM.


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