Pisces Horoscope – Rich in 2017?

Pisces horoscope will have sign lord Jupiter in 7th house, Rahu in 6th house and Saturn in 9th house. These are favorable planetary positions. You will have success in all your endeavors. Income would double. Sudden increase in your bank balance will be there. Your enemies will be destroyed. Some of you will get married. Romance will be in your favor. In July Ketu will be transiting to 11th house. Pisces horoscope natives will have good inflow of money. You will have good gains in business. Tremendous development in business will be there. Those who are employed will have good time in their work place. Your colleagues will be supportive to you. You will achieve big things life. Promotions and salary hikes will be there. Health will be good throughout the year. In September month Jupiter will be transiting to 8th house. Income would reduce after this period. You need to be very cautious in financial dealings.


Pisces horoscope natives will be having very good health this year. You will be very active and achieve things in life. Your parent’s health need be given extra care. Those who are in bed rest will be cured gradually.


Pisces horoscope business people will double their profits. You will gain more this year. Those who are in cement business, paint business, iron, and software business will gain tremendously this year. Your enemies will lose their power. You will win them in business.

Family & Finance:

Romance will be in your favor. You will have party occasions in your home. Your siblings will be cooperative with you. There will be tremendous inflow of money. You will close all your debts. You don’t have to wait for anyone else for future development. You will buy new house  this year.


Pisces horoscope professionals will have promotions, salary hikes and expected transfers this year. You will have more work load in office. But you will succeed in all the tasks. You will get rewarded for your hard work.


Pisces horoscope women will have great year ahead. Some of you will get married this year. There will be some medical expenses in the second half of the year. Your colleagues will be longing for your help in work place.


Pisces horoscope artists will have fair year. You will get good chances now. Some may go to abroad. People working in designs, cinematography, and sound technicians will have good income. Musician needs to take care of their health.


Pisces horoscope politicians will have very good year. Your name fame will increase. You don’t have to worry about your past failures. There will be public support and your presence with public will be increasing this year. There will be good development in economic conditions. Your party will win in elections.


Pisces horoscope students will achieve big things life this year. Your friends will be supportive to you. You need to take care of your health in the second half of the year. Your chances of going to abroad for higher studies is more.

Monthly predictions for Pisces horoscope


Pisces horoscope has Sun in favorable position and Rahu in 6th house this month. Financial condition would be great. Need to take care of your health. Romance will be in your favor. Some of you will buy new house or vehicle. Relatives and friends will give good support to you.

Unfavorable period: 19th Jan 2017 afternoon 3:54 PM to 22nd Feb 2017 morning 4:23 AM


Rahu in 6th house and Sun and Mercury y in 11th house for Pisces horoscope. You will have gains in all your activities. There will be peace in family life. Since there is good inflow of money your bank balance would increase. There will be minor health issues and medical expenses.

Unfavorable period: 15th February 2017 night 12:36 AM to 18th February 2017 afternoon 12:31 PM


Since Sun in 12th house and Mars in 2nd house for Pisces horoscope there would be misunderstandings and arguments with spouse. Need to take care of your health. Medical expenses are expected for family members. Business men will have more competition this month.

Unfavorable period: 15th March 2017 morning 9:11 AM to 17th March 2017 night 8:40PM



Mars in 11th house and Rahu in 3rd house indicates good period for Pisces horoscope natives. There will be happy occasions in family. Business men will have good profits this month. Those who are employed will have success in work.

Unfavorable period: 11th April 2017 evening 4:40 PM to 14th April 2017 morning 4:09 AM


Jupiter in 7th house, Mars in 3rd house and Rahu in 6th house will give success this month to Pisces horoscope natives. You will have less competition in business. You will close all your debts. Your boss will appreciate you for your work in office.

Unfavorable period: 8th May 2017 night 10:54 PM  to 11th May 2017 morning 10:40 AM


Venus in 2nd house, Sun 3rd house and Jupiter in 7th house brings prosperity for Pisces horoscope natives. You will destroy your enemies. There will be good gain in money dealings. Those who are in bank will have promotion this month.

Unfavorable period: 5th June 2017 morning 4:36AM to 7th June 2017 evening 4:39 PM


Sun and Mars in 4th house not a favorable placement for Pisces horoscope natives. But Jupiter in 7th house will give continue to give success this month. You will have good time in abroad with your family. Need to be very careful in buying new house or land.

Unfavorable period: 2nd July 2017 morning 10:55 AM to 4th July 2017 night 10:46 PM and  29th  July 2017 evening 6:30 PM to 1st August 2017 morning 5:42 AM


Jupiter in 7th house and Ketu in 11th house will give good development in life for Pisces horoscope natives. All your problems in the past would vanish now. You will have success in your new business. Sports persons will have good achievements this month.

Unfavorable period: 26th August 2017 morning 3:12 AM to 28th August 2017 afternoon 1:33 PM


Venus in 5th house and Sun and Mars in 6t house will bring success in business. But Jupiter’s transit to 8th house this month will give some financial problems. Foreign related business will have good gains. Those who are employed will have delay in promotions and salary hikes.

Unfavorable period: 22nd September 2017 afternoon 12:04 PM to 24th September 2017 night 9:52PM


Sun in 8th house and Jupiter also in 8th house is not a good one for Pisces horoscope natives. You need to be very careful in financial dealings. Business men will have decrease in profits. Competition will be high. Those who are employed will have tough time in office.

Unfavorable period: 19th October 2017 night 8:02 PM to 22nd November 2017 morning 5:50AM


Mars in 7th house, Jupiter and Sun in 8t house is not a favorable one. You need to take care of your health. Romance may not be in your favor. Medical expenses would increase in family. You need to control your anger. Those who are employed will have to be cautious in their work.

Unfavorable period: 16th November 2017 morning 2:32AM to 18th November 2017 afternoon 12:50PM


Saturn in 9th house is the favorable position for Pisces horoscope natives this month. Your father’s health need to be taken extra care. You will have good gain in business. Romance will be in your favor. There will be good occasions in family. Some of your will be travelling to abroad for official purpose.

Unfavorable period: 13th December 2017 morning 8:06 AM 15th December 2017 evening 6:53 PM.


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