Gemini Horoscope – Rich in 2017?

The friendly planet for Gemini horoscope, Saturn is placed powerfully in sixth house for the whole year. Rahu also in 3rd house for the first half of the year. These are favorable placements. But Jupiter is in 4th house till September. This indicate unnecessary travels and mental tension. There would be minor health issues. In July, Rahu would be transiting to 2nd house and Ketu would be transiting to the 8th house. So, married couples should be easy going and understand each other. Jupiter would be transiting to the 5th house in September. This is a very good placement for Jupiter. There will be very good inflow of money. All your financial problems would get solved. Some of you will get married this year. Problems in ancestral properties will get resolved. Business will have very good profit. Your business partners will bring more business to you. Employed persons will have promotions and salary hikes.


Though there will be minor health issues in the first half of the year, after September you will have very good improvement in your health. But there will be medical expenses thorugh spouse. Take care your spouse’ health. Avoid unnecessary travels.

Family & Finance:

First half of the year, Gemini horoscope native will have financial problems would be there. But you will face all the issues with your will power. After September, you will have very good financial position. You will meet all your family needs. There would be problem with your relatives. You need to have very cordial relationship with them. Expenditures will reduce and profit will increase this year.


Gemini horoscope Employees will have more work load. But it will bring good name in your work place. Some of you will get promotions this year. Avoid harsh arguments with your higher officials.


Gemini horoscope business people are going to have a fantastic year ahead. You will get more business this year. Profits also would get increase. Your business partners will give very cooperation to you. More profits in foreign related business.


Gemini horoscope politicians will find very good name. You will get support from all the sectors. You will find success in all your endeavors. Public support will be there this year. Expense for party would increase but you will gain more out of that.


Gemini horoscope artists will get new opportunities. Some may get chance in having concerts in abroad also. Some may get awards from prestigious institutions. Financial condition would be very good after August this year.


Gemini horoscope farmers will have good year ahead. Though the financial aids are delayed from banks, you will resolves problems related to money. You will have good income from the crops this year.


Gemini horoscope women will have wonderful year. Romance will be in your favor. Relatives will be supportive to you. After September month’s Jupiter transit some of you will get married. Though there would minor health issues you will become mother this year.


Gemini horoscope students should obey to their teachers. Avoid too much of entertainment and time with friends. Some of you will get government aid for studies.

Monthly predictions for Gemini horoscope


In this month’s Gemini horoscope, Venus and Mars is placed in 9th house. This is a very beneficial placement. But Sun is placed in 8th house. This will cause health issues and medical expenses. Though there would good income, avoid luxurious expenditures. Need to be careful to avoid unnecessary expenditures. Though there would be heavy competition for business people you will face this challenging situation.

Unfavorable period: 30th December 2016 evening 7:38 PM to 2nd Jan 2017 morning 4:21 AM and 27th January 2017 morning 2:53 AM to 29th Jan 2017 morning 10:50 AM


Sun would continue to be in 8th house in the first of the month for Gemini horoscope. So, health problems would be there. But Jupiter is transiting to 5th house as adhichara this month. This will make you to earn more. There would be very good money inflow. Delayed marriages will get materialize this month. Business will have good profit. Though there would be good financial situation, there would be unexpected expenditures also.

Unfavorable period: 23rd February 2016 morning 11:23AM to 25th February 2016 evening 7:17 PM


This month Gemini horoscope will have Venus in 10th house and Mars in 11th house. This is a wonderful placement for these two planets. All your endeavors will get success. Your enemies will lose power and you will win them. Financial problems will vanish. Business will have less competition and more profit.

Unfavorable period: 23rd March 2017 evening 8:37PM to 25th March 2017 morning 4:55AM



Sun in 10th house and Rahu in 3rd house this month. So, Gemini horoscope natives will have wonderful days this month. Financial problems will get solved. Health will improve a lot. You will be very active this month. You will destroy all the obstacles in your way. Business problems will get solved and you will have new opportunities on your way.

Unfavorable period: 19th April 2017 morning  4:43 AM to 21st  April 2017 afternoon 2:16 PM


Venus and Mercury in 10th house for Gemini horoscope this month. Sun also in favorable 11th house in the first half of the year. Success will be there on your way. Since there is good financial inflow, you will keep your words and promises made by will be fulfilled. Employees will have promotions this month.

Unfavorable period: 16th May 2017 morning 11:32 AM to 18th May 2017 night 10:10 PM


Sun in 12th house and Mars is placed in your own sign this month for Gemini horoscope natives. But since Venus is placed in 11th house there will be good financial gains. There will be health issues related to heat. Though there would be more opportunities for business people there will be heavy competition this month.

Unfavorable period: 25th June 2017 evening 5:26PM to 15th June 2017 morning 4:24AM


Sun and Jupiter is placed in 4th house this month. Rahu also transiting to your 2nd house. These are not good placement for Gemini horoscope natives. You may have health issues this month. Financial inflow will be less than expected. Enemies will spoil your peace of mind. Need to be very careful this month.

Unfavorable period: 9th July 2017 night 11:23 PM to 12th July 2017 morning 9:59 AM


Gemini horoscope sign is occupied by Venus, 6th house is occupied by Saturn and Sun occupies 3rd house this month. This is a favorable placement. Economic condition would be great. Your efforts will give good fruits. Need to be careful in money dealings. Employees will have more work load.

Unfavorable period: 6th August 2017 morning 6:06 AM to 8th August 2017 evening 4:12 PM


Mars is placed in the house of efforts, Jupiter would be transiting to 5th house this month. Saturn also placed in 6th house. These are the favorable placements. All your problems will get resolved. Romance will be in your favor. There will be financial gains from immovable assets.

Unfavorable period: 2nd September 2017 evening 1:52 PM to 4th September 2017 night 11:52 PM


Gemini horoscope will have Mars in 3rd house, Mercury in 4th house and Jupiter in 5th house this month. Saturn also placed in favorable 6th house. This is wonderful placement for financial gains. Children would bring happiness to family.

Unfavorable period: 29th September 2017 night 10:23 PM to 2nd October 2017 morning 8:50 AM and 27th October 2017 morning 6:32 AM to 29th October 2017 evening 5:56 PM


Jupiter in 5th house and Saturn in 6th house this month would bring success for Gemini horoscope. There would be very good inflow of money. Some of you would get married. You will buy immovable property this month. You will your competitors in business.

Unfavorable period: 23rd November 2017 morning 1:40PM to 26th November 2017 eventing 2:02AM


Sun would be placed in 6th house and Jupiter would be in 5th house for Gemini horoscopes. You will achieve good things this month. Some of you may go to abroad for official visit. Business people will have very good profit.

Unfavorable period: 20th December 2017 evening 7:57 PM to 23rd December 2017 morning 8:29 AM.



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