Will YOU get beautiful spouse?

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – is a common saying we all know. But some people look beautiful to almost most of us. Like Aishwarya Rai, Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox et al. Lucky people get beautiful spouse in their life. What is the astrological reason behind this?

The seventh lord in a horoscope represents spouse of the native. This seventh house and its lord play a major role in determining the beauty, status, character of the spouse. The planets which occupy the seventh house or aspect the seventh house also should be taken in to account while predicting about spouse.beautiful-spouse-astrology-2

This seventh lord should occupy any quadrant (Kendra) or a trine (trikon) in a horoscope. Anatural benefic should occupy the seventh house. Venus in seventh house brings beautiful spouse but it may produce some problem to the relationship with the spouse in long run. A waxing moon would bring very charming and fair spouse. Jupiter in seventh house brings spouse who has very kind and god fearing nature.

There should not be any natural malefic planets in seventh house. Especially Saturn or Mars in seventh house is not desired. Rahu or Ketu in seventh house would delay the marriage. A combination of Saturn-Rahu or Mars-Rahu in the seventh hosue would indicate cruel woman as spouse. Mercury in seventh house is desired one but it should not be associated with any other malefic planet.

The strength of the seventh house lord is important in determining the relationship between the couples. This seventh lord hould be exalted or in own house. The next desired location is mool trikon signs. The signs where planets get directional strength also important factor. It gives tremendous strengthto planetswhen it occupies the dig bala houses or directional strength houses.

If the seventh lord occupies either 4th or 11th house or the seventh conjuct with 4th or 11th lord then the native gets very beautiful and kind hearted sopuse. The second lord’s position also important since second house is the house of family. If second lord conjuct or with 4th or 11th house or second lord occuoies 4th or 7th house then the native gets beautiful spouse. If tenth lord and Venus conjoins spouse would be very beautiful.

If Jupiter occupies seventh house and Venus is powerfull in a horoscope native would have beautiful and kind natured spouse. Same can be predicted if seventh house is occupied by Jupiter and Moon while Mercury is in the ascendant.

In a female’s horoscope, if Venus or Merucry or Waxing Moon is in ascendant she would be the most beatufil woman. A caution is no other malefic planets should conjuct or aspect these planets in ascendant. Ina male’s horoscope Jupiter or Moon is cooupied with Mars he would be looking handsome and athletic body.

If 7th and 10th lord together occupies seventh house native gets a earning spouse (office goer). If there is a exchange of hosues between 7th and 10th lords also gives a earning spouse. If second lord is placed in seventh house or seventh lord is placed in second house these natives become rich after marriage.beautiful spouse astrology

The ascendant lord shoud aspect the planet which occupies the ascendant or the second house. If seventh hosue is a sign of Venus or Moon and if these two planets conjuct with a benefic planet, native gets beautiful spouse.

If seventh lord occupies or conjuct with 11th house native’s financial status increases after marriage. But there is a caution that if Venus is not powerful in native’s horoscope then it would lead to second marriage. The same can be predicted if 11th lord occupies the seventh hosue.

Apart from these combinations the below combination of planets also gives beautiful spouse.

  • Ascendant lord conjunction with Venus and occupies a trine (trikon)
  • The second lord and seventh lord in own house
  • Seventh lord, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in seventh house
  • Seventh lord occupies ascendant and Moon and Mercury in seventh house
  • Mercury, Jupiter, Moon all these planets occupy a quadrant from Venus

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