Indu lagna – When will you become Rich?

Everyone in the earth wants to become rich. But only few could become rich. Some born to a rich millionaire parents, some become rich by hard work, some become rich in the middle age, some become rich at old age. Does astrology has any answer to the question when one will become rich? Yes. The answer is Indu lagna or wealth ascendant.


Indian Vedic astrology has many ways to find when one will become rich in his life. The planets which makes one rich is the lords of Ascendant, fifth house and ninth house. More important thing is the dasha of that particular planet has to come at the right age.

Some people would have these dasha coming at very young age, for example at the age of 2  or 3.  At this age one cannot earn money and become rich. But since it’s a benefic planet’s dasha, the child will have good education, happy and healthier family situation and other personal needs would be fulfilled.

Some people may have these dasha at very old age, for example at the age of 75 or 80. At this age one cannot earn money and become rich. But these benefic planets’s dasha can make the native happy by loving children and grand children and a respectful life at that age. Their last days would be beautiful and painless.

Some people may have very normal life. But they become rich after marriage in their life. It depends upon the horoscope of the sopuse also. Some times spouse horoscope doesn’t support such combination. So, horoscope match is a must for them.

Only very few have these dahsa to come at the right age, for example at the age of 25-30 they would get any of these dasha. If they get these three planet’s dasha continuously they are the blessed people. They earn more and stay rich till the end of their life.  For example if a Caner ascendant native gets Moon dasha at the age of 25, he will have Moon dasha till his 35th age and after that he will get another benefic planet Mars dasha which will last till his 42nd  age then Rahu dasha for 18 years, ie till his 60 years. If Rahu gives money it would be tremendous and one cannot imagine the amount moen yit gives.  Then Jupiter, another benefic dasha till 76th age of the native. So this native would earn good money and flourish till his end of his life.

Apart from these three dasha periods, there is another way to find when one can become rich. Sage Kalidasa has given a marvelous method to find out when one can become rich in his life. In this method Kalidasa defines a point in horoscope called ‘Indu Lagna’ or Point of wealth or wealth lagna.

In this method Kalidasa assigns particular values to planets. This value is called ‘Graha Kala’. These values are based on the light rays coming from these planets. For example Sun rays are most affecting rays on earth and Saturn rays are the leaset to reach earth. So, Sun is given point 30 and Saturn is given the least, ie 1. I have given other planets point in the below table.

graha kala points

Rahu and Ketu are not given any points in this system. Rahu and Ketu are not actual planets. They are shadow planets. Since these points are based on the light rays from planets, (shadow planets cannot have any light rays) they are not given any points in this method.

How to calculate Indu lagna or wealth ascendant?

  1. Find out the lord of ninth house from Ascendant
  2. Find out the lord of ninth house from Moon
  3. Find the Graha Kala number of both the planets found in step 1 & 2
  4. Add these two Graha Kala numbers
  5. Divide the number by 12
  6. Find the reminder
  7. Based on the reminder, count that many number of houses from Moon. If the reminder is 0 count 12 places from moion sign. This is the Indu lagna for that native.

Let me give an example. Lets calculate Indu lagna for a Cancer ascendant and Taurus Moon sign native.

  1. Ninth lord from ascednat is Jupiter
  2. Ninth lord from Taurus is Saturn
  3. Jupiter and Saturn’s Graha Kala number is 10 and 1 respectively
  4. By adding these two numbers we get 11
  5. 11 is divieded by 12
  6. Reminder is 11
  7. Count 11 houses from the moon sign, ie Taurus. It gives Pisces. So, Pisces is the Indu lagna for this native.


Let’s take another example. For Leo ascendant and Sagittarius moon sign native.

  1. Ninth lord from ascednat is Mars
  2. Ninth lord from Moon sign is Sun
  3. Mars and Sun’s Graha Kala number is 6 and 30 respectively
  4. By adding these two numbers we get 36
  5. 40 is divided by 12
  6. We get reminder as 0
  7. If the reminder is 0, then you have to count 12 places from moon sign. Count 12 places from the moon sign, ie Sagittarius. We get Scorpio. So, Scorpio is the Indu lagna for this native.


I have worked out for all the combination of Ascendant and Moon sign. The below table shows the Indu lagna for all the combinations.

Indu lagna chart


This Indu lagna makes the naitve in his life time. Indu lagna lord and planets occupied in this Indu lagna determines the wealth of the native.

  • Planet which occupies the Indu lagna and which is exalted or in own house or in mool trikon house
  • Planet which occupies Indu lagna in a friendly house
  • Lord of the Indu lagna which is exalted or in Mool trikon house
  • Planets which is associated with Indu lagna
  • Planets which aspect the Indu lagna
  • Planets aspected by the Indu lagna lord.

We can see importance of Indu lagna by one example. Here is the horoscope of South Indian Super Star Rajni Kanth.

horoscope of Rajinikanth


Rajni Kanth is Leo ascendant and Capricorn Moon Sign.The ninth lord Mars’ Graha Kala is 6. Capricorn’s Ninth lord Mercury’s graha kala is 8. Sun of these two is 14. By divind by 12 we get reminder 2. Count two places from Capricorn we get Aquarius. If you notice, Jupiter is placed in Aquarius sign. Jupiter dasha started in 1982 and last till 1998. This is the period Rajini was made Super Star and reached top of his career and became billionaire.



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