Why Most Astrologers Fail While Predicting About Rahu?

Kittu wanted to grow big in life. He consulted a mediocre astrologer in the city to know his future. After analyzing his horoscope chart, the astrologer came to know that Kittu is running yoga karaka Mars dasa in his chart and advised him that this is the time to take big decisions. Kittu took very big leap in his business in Mars dasa, but failed. Not only failed, he lost all his money and was struggling to earn his own bread. What made him to fail? How come a Leo ascendant native could fail in Mars mahadasa period? Read more to know the detailed story.


Rahu, the shadow planet was all the confusions in Kittu’s life.  The astrologer missed to see that Mars was conjoined with Rahu in his chart. Predicting about Rahu and Ketu is a challenging task for an astrologer. Even experienced astrologers would fail while assessing Rahu and Ketu in a horoscope. So, while predicting Rahu & Ketu an astrologer should be very careful since there are number of rules applied while deciding benefic nature of these shadow planets.snake


Rahu, the north node of moon and Ketu, the south node of moon are called ‘Shadow Planets’ or Serpent planets (as they are depicted as Head and Tail of a snake in vedic astrology). These two shadow planets play a major role in human life. These are the two planets which raises a normal man to stardom or from stardom to streets. We can see most of the VVIPs have become celebrities in Rahu mahadasa. A powerful Rahu with aspect from Jupiter can make a beggar to King of the country.


Best placements for Rahu in horoscope

Rahu is classified as a malefic planet. Generally malefic planets will be powerful and perform well in upachaya houses. The houses 3,6,10 and 11 from ascendant are called upachaya houses. When Rahu occupies in movable signs (chara rashi) also perform well. But the 3rd and 11th houses are the extremely powerful houses for Rahu.


Ancient texts from south Indian astrology says that when Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn are the best signs for Rahu. Even if the above said signs happen to be malefic houses, it doesn’t bring more bad results. These are the signs where Rahu would give good results by its own.


In other signs if it has aspect from a benefic planet, especially from Jupiter, Rahu bestows very good results in Rahu mahadasa period. Venus’ aspect also purifies Rahu. But to aspect Rahu it has to be in conjoined with Ketu, and that would cause problem with respect to married life. Because Rahu & Ketu absorbs the good qualities of benefic planet and the benefic planet would loose one of its karakams (things signified by the planet)


If all the above said things are together in a horoscope, i.e if Rahu is placed in 3rd or 11th house and that house happens to be any one of the above said signs and Rahu has special aspect from Jupiter by its 5th, 7th or 9th aspect, then that Rahu dasa will take him to heights.


Next, Rahu performs well in the houses whose lord is a benefic planet. So, Rahu performs well in Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces. Because Rahu and Ketu would behave like the lord of the sign it occupies. But the effect won’t be as good as Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn group of houses.


How Rahu behaves in a horoscope?

Rahu behaves differently than other planets. Rahu doesn’t own any house in the zodiac system. So, it absorbs the qualities of the lord of the sign it occupies. So, if the lord of the sign is which Rahu occupies is enemy to the  ascendant lord and it doesn’t have any benefic aspect from Jupiter or Venus, then Rahu would behave like a malefic to the native and produce no good results in its dasa period.


Rahu’s behavior can be predicted by keeping these points in mind

  • Lord of the sign which is occupied by Rahu – This lord of the sign should be powerfully placed in that horoscope.
  • Other planets conjoined with Rahu in the same house – conjunction with benefic planets is preferable.
  • Aspects (dhrishti) from other planets Rahu is receiving – aspect from natural benefic planets
  • Planets which are in Kendras (quadrants) from Rahu
  • Placement and benefic nature of lord of the star which is occupied by Rahu and its lordship – star lord must be a benefic planet with respect to ascendant, especially star lord must be 5th or 9th lord


At the same time Rahu should not have aspect or conjunction with malefic planets, especially with Saturn and Mars. If Rahu has aspect from any of these two planets, it tends to give bad results in Rahu mahadasa period. If they have aspect from both the malefic planets, then the results would be even worse.

Rahu has a peculiar quality of absorbing the qualities of a planet which conjoins with them, if they are in 10 degrees away from each other. While doing so, Rahu would absorb the good or bad qualities of the planet and behave like that planet. At the same time the planets which give these qualities to Rahu would loose its power and do no significant growth in its dasa period.

moneyFor example, for Cancer ascendant, Rahu is with conjunction with Mars, Mars dasa would not be great. But since Rahu absorbs the good quality of being a Yogakaraka for this ascendant from Mars, Rahu dasa will take this native to heights.

If Rahu conjoins with other planets within 10 degrees, it eclipse that particular planet and nullify the results of the planets completely. For example if Rahu is closely conjoined with Venus, then Rahu nullifies the things which are signified by Venus. Either no marriage or separation in married life. If conjoins with Jupiter, delay in child birth or no child at all in native’s life.

So, it is better to have aspect from benefic planet than conjoining with a benefic planet. So that the benefic planet will not loose its own individual power and produce good results in both benefic plant’s dasa and Rahu dasa.

Kal Sarpa Dosh/Yoga

Interestingly, Rahu and Ketu are the two key planets which cause Kal Sarpa Dosh or Yoga. When all the other seven planets are in between Rahu & Ketu, then it is called Kal sarpa dosh. Natives who have this Kal Sarpa Dosh would suffer till the middle age (roughly around 35 to 40) and see growth in their life in later part of their life. There are different theories and variations of Kal Sarpa Dosh. But Kaal Sarp dosh isn’t as bad as you think.


Now let’s see how Rahu played a key role in Kittu’s life.

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