Jupiter Transits to Virgo


Jupiter, the lord of 2nd and 5th house is transiting to your eleventh house. This is a very good placement. So, from this Jupiter transit you will get very good results from this transit. The eleventh house is house of profits. The Jupiter’s placement in eleventh house will make you happy and gain more.  You will get success in all your endeavors. Health will improve. Diseased ones will get cured now.

There would be harmony in family. You would buy new jewels, lands, house etc. in this year. Your parent’s health also would improve. Income would be more than expected. Wedding bell would ring for the right people.


11th August 2016 to 27th Sept 2016 – Jupiter in Uthra nakshatra (star constellation)

Jupiter would be in Sun’s star constellation in this period. This is a very good period for you. Your children would excel in studies. Romance would be in favor. Your life style would change now. Health will start improving. Medical expenses will reduce. Businessmen will find right partners and gain more profit.

28th Sept 2016 to 4th Dec 2016 – Jupiter in Hastha nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Moons’ star constellation. Competitors in business will get out of the market. You will gain more from other language people. Income would increase exponentially. You will get good news from abroad. Some of you may travel to foreign land.

5th Nov 2015 to 5th Feb 2017 – Jupiter in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Mar’s constellation. Separated couples would reunite now. Wedding bell would ring for your children. Success continues in this period also. But there would be more expenditure in this period. Government employees will have good time. You would get promotions also this time.

6th Feb 2017 to 13th April 2017 – Jupiter’s retrograde in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in retrograde travel in Mars’ constellation. Siblings would be having cordial relationship with you. Children need to be given extra care in this period. You will get your ancestral property. Business growth would be there. You will get new customers and contracts.


14th April 2017 to 8th Jun 2017 – Jupiter retrograde in Hastha nakshatra

Students will perform well now. Friends would be helpful now. You would buy new house or land. Builders would gain more now. But take extra care while travelling. There are chances for accidents. Job seekers will find a suitable job. But avoid getting married in this period.


8th Jun 2017 to 3rd August 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Hastha nakshatra

Some of you would travel abroad for higher studies. Your boss would be favorable to you in work place. You will get more gains this period. Especially who are having business with governments will gain more. Parents and siblings will have cordial relationship with you.

3rd Aug 2017 to 11th Sept 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Chitra nakshatra

Farmers will have good cultivation and profit. Businessmen would be having very good period. Romance would be in your favor. There could be medical expense for them. Spouse health needs to be taken care. Students will get educational loans to continue their higher studies. Legal issues will get solved.



People born in Vishaka nakshatra will have a great year. Romance would be in your favor. You will get succeeded in all your endeavors. Health issues would be there. Politicians would get great opportunities on your path.


People born in Anusha nakshatra, will have very good year.  Health will improve. You will gain assets and vehicles in this year. Parent’s medical expense would increase. Some of you will get settled in abroad.



People born in Jyeshta/Kettai nakshatra will have a good year. Wedding bell would ring for the right ones. Health issues will not be there. Some of you will get male child this year. Business men will gain more. Romance will be in favor.



Engineering students will have great year. Those who aspire for higher education will get chance to go to abroad for higher studies. Some of you will get job in campus interview.


You will get your ancestral property. Women will achieve great things this year. Economic growth would be there. Unmarried one will get married this year. Relationship with your in laws would be good. Children would bring you success and happiness.


Business people would be having golden days. You would buy vehicle now. All their stocks in the inventory would be sold out. You may start new branch in nearby city. Competition would be less. Customer base would increase. You would get new contracts and assignments.


Those who work in low budget movies will have success. Artists born in this sign will have a great year. Those who are suffering in the industry for a long time would breath freely now. New opportunities would knock your door. Wedding bell would ring for the right one. Income would double in this period.


There would be problem with children. Take extra care on your children. Politicians will have very good year. Your image would increase among public. This would reflect in your future political career also. Those who contest in elections would get success.



  • Worship Ganesha on Vishaka nakstatra day
  • Worship Maha lakshmi on Fridays
  • Recite Aditya Hrudayam daily morning.


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