Jupiter Transits to Virgo


Jupiter, the lord of 7th and 10th house is transiting to fourth house. This Jupiter transit placement would bring average results. Jupiter aspects 8th, 10th and 12th houses with his 5th, 7th and 9th aspects respectively. You need to be easy going with your family members. In your work place you will be in your boss’ good book. There could be some delays and obstacles in family functions. Avoid taking any new ventures.  If Jupiter is well placed in birth chart, then all these problems will be minimal and will affect you more.


11th August 2016 to 27th Sept 2016 – Jupiter in Uthra nakshatra (star constellation)

Jupiter would be in Sun’s star constellation in this period. You can achieve things in this period well. Some you seeking for job, will get a new job. Promotions are expected those who are already in job. Health will improve in this period. There will not be any delays and obstacles. You will perform well than your competitors.

28th Sept 2016 to 4th Dec 2016 – Jupiter in Hastha nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Moons’ star constellation. This is not a favorable period. Income will not be adequate. Do not borrow or lend money.  You will face problems in your work place. You need to be very careful in financial dealings. Bad friends will leave you at this time.


5th Nov 2015 to 5th Feb 2017 – Jupiter in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Mar’s constellation. This is a favorable period. You will get rid off bad people around you. There will be enough income. But sometimes there will be financial crisis. Health will improve. Unexpected expenditures, travel will be there. There could some problem related to immovable property. Government employees should take extra care in your tasks.


6th Feb 2017 to 13th April 2017 – Jupiter’s retrograde in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in retrograde travel in Mars’ constellation. Foreign chances will also get delayed. Business men. Traders, self-employed will get adequate income. You need to control your anger. Otherwise you will have to face police case. This is not the right time to take new ventures. Siblings may not be in your favor. Bank loan sanctions will get delayed.


14th April 2017 to 8th Jun 2017 – Jupiter retrograde in Hastha nakshatra

Those who  are in partnership business will get good income. Romance would be in favor now. You will have a clear mind. Your health will improve now. Children will bring happiness.  Mental tension will not be there. Your profit will be more. Some may get chance to start new ventures. Some of you will get the chance of parenthood.


8th Jun 2017 to 3rd August 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Hastha nakshatra

Job seekers will have delay in getting right opportunity. Those who are in abroad will get more monetary benefits. Other language people will be helpful now. Some may get chance to fly abroad. There could be some misunderstanding with your parents. You will have more work load in your work place.


3rd Aug 2017 to 11th Sept 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Chitra nakshatra

Romance may not be in favor. There could be some problem in ancestral property.  You need to take extra care for your parent’s health.  There could be medical expenses for parents. Siblings will not be in favor. Government employees will see some problems in their work place.



People who are born in Marghasheersha/Mrighashreesham nakshatra will have a good year. Some of you will get married this year.Some of you may fly to foreign land. You will have good money inflow. Parent’s health will improve. Siblings will be favorable.

Ardra/ Thiruvathirai:

People born in Ardra/Thiruvathirai nakshatra, will see minimal obstacles and delays. Income will be adequate. There is chance for getting loan from financial institutions. Self-employed will have good income.


People born in Punarvasu/Punarpusam nakshatra will face lots of obstacles. Health will improve. Professional growth is expected. You will be awarded in your work place. Abroad chances are there for some. Spouse health requires extra care.



Some of you may get chance to get higher studies of your choice. Some of you may get chance to go outstation for studies. Friends will not be in favor. You need to stay away from these friends now. They may spoil your studies now. Parents have to take extra care of their kid’s studies and friends. You have to work hard to achieve high scores in your board exams.


Children will bring happiness in family. Some of you will get chance to become mother. Your spouse health will improve. Your health also will be good. Romance would be in favor. Your children’s marriage would be fixed. You will have to work hard in your work place. You will find delays and obstacles.



There will be adequate money inflow. Business men will have to take decisions wisely. There would be delay in getting contracts from foreign companies. This is not the right time to start any new ventures. You need to take care of your employees well. Make them happy with the perks and emoluments.  Your profit wills not that great.



People who work behind the  screens will get more benefit. You need to work hard to get new chances. Artists born in this sign will have fair year. Your talents will be recognized by many people. But income will not at par of that. Romance will not be in favor. Some of you may find good opportunities in their way.



Take extra care in your words. Luck is not in favor of you. Take extra care in getting public support. Your political enemies would get strength and you have great chances of losing. Unintentional comments may back fire you. Your enemies will have more evidence to pull you down.



  • Have pilgrimage to holy places
  • Worship Lord Ganesha on Chaturti days
  • Recite Sudarshanashtakam daily morning

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