Jupiter Transits to Virgo


Jupiter the lord of 9th and 12th lord for this moon sign is transiting to sixth house. In this jupiter transit you can expect development and prosperity by reducing anger and with the grace of almighty. Jupiter has special aspects called drishti and aspects your 10th house, 12th house and 2nd house. Any sign which is aspected by Jupiter will have good results. The karaka of wealth Jupiter aspecting your house of wealth i.e. the second house is a very good point in this transit. Since it aspects the tenth house, there would be development and prosperity in your profession. But, because of the aspect on twelfth house would increase expenditure for household items and negative thoughts.

Since the sixth house is a malefic house and not good position for a natural benefic planet, you need to be cautious while borrowing loan and take extra care in your health.

11th August 2016 to 27th Sept 2016 – Jupiter in Uthra nakshatra (star constellation)

Jupiter would be in Sun’s star constellation in this period.  All your dreams would come true. There would be good development in profession and business. Good financial inflow would be there. Chances are there to buy new house, vehicle, land etc. All your plans would get materialized. Your fame and status would increase this time. There will be harmony in family.

28th Sept 2016 to 4th Dec 2016 – Jupiter in Hastha nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Moons’ star constellation. This is a good time period for you. New Jewells, cloths, vehicles are possible now. You will get the fruit for your hard work and determination. Some may get promotion in your profession. You would introduce new tactics in your business and increase the profit. You would smartly manage financial issues and problems in work place.

5th Nov 2015 to 5th Feb 2017 – Jupiter in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Mar’s constellation. You should take extra care in financial dealings. Do not trust strangers and invest money. Other language people would help you. Some of you may visit a foreign land. There could be problem with siblings regarding ancestral property. Same time income would double. Romance would be in favor. Students will have good improvements in their studies.

6th Feb 2017 to 13th April 2017 – Jupiter’s retrograde in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in retrograde travel in Mars’ constellation. You will get good news from abroad. Some of you may travel to foreign land. You will gain more from other language people. Income would increase exponentially. Competitors in business will get out of the market.

14th April 2017 to 8th Jun 2017 – Jupiter retrograde in Hastha nakshatra

You will gain from other language and other religion people. You will get fair results in this period. Mental tension will reduce. Professional growth will be there. Romance would be in favor. Spouse health needs to be taken care. Businessmen will get new customers and contracts.

8th Jun 2017 to 3rd August 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Hastha nakshatra

This is a very good period. Luck will favor you now. Good prosperity will be there in this period. Success will be in your path. People who are in drugs, chemists, medical shop will gain more. Politicians involved in business will find tough time now. Other language people will be helpful to you. You will win in legal suits.


3rd Aug 2017 to 11th Sept 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Chitra nakshatra

You may have disputes with your colleagues. Income will be less in this period. There would financial problem now. Avoid borrowing money. Health issues will be there. Government employees will get promotions. Farmers will get government aid for agriculture. People working in insurance, bank, and mutual fund will get more benefited.


People who are born in Ashwini nakshatra (star constellation) would get good results throughout the year. Income will be more for them.  Avoid taking lump sum amount while travelling. Students will score good marks. Do not poke your nose in unnecessary things. There would be auspicious functions and parties in house. Some may get blood pressure and get cured of this.


Your expectations would be fulfilled. Children would bring happiness to home. Take extra care in your health. Do not neglect even small health issues. There would be sudden expenses. So, there would be financial problems this year. Some may build a new house. Women may get problem with uterus.


Almighty would give enough strength to face issues. Patience and peaceful mind will help you to face challenges. Do not promise any one regarding finance. You may get money from ancestral properties. Financial condition would be adequate. Government favors are expected.



Students need to take extra care in studies. Only perseverance will help you in scoring good marks. Some of you will continue your studies in a distant place. Do not involve in any mischievous activities. That will spoil your reputation.


Avoid disputes in family. Take care of your health. There could be some health issues. Romance will be in your favor. Parents health will improve. Children will listen to you and make you happy.



Businessmen will gain more this year after hard work. You will get new customers. People who are in hotels, restaurants, and food business will gain more. You will get bank loans to expand your business. Competition will be less in the market for you. There will be some disputes with your partners.


You will get new opportunities.  Income would be adequate. Parent’s health needs to be taken care. Their medical expense may increase. Avoid plans for new land or house. This will get delayed. You will get good name and fame in the  last part of the year.



Luck is not in favor of you. Your political enemies would get strength and you have great chances of losing.  Take extra care in your words. Unintentional comments may back fire you. Your enemies will have more evidence to pull you down. Take extra care in getting public support.



  • Worship Karthikeya on Tuesdays with ghee lamp.
  • Worship Anjaneya on Tuesdays with betel leaf mala.
  • Offering curd rice to orphanage on Tuesdays.

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