Jupiter Transits to Virgo


Jupiter, the lord of 12th and 3rd house is transiting to your ninth house. This is a very favorable placement. Health issues will not be there.  Businessmen will have good time. All the obstacles and troubles you were facing for the past one year would vanish. Mental peace would be there. Some of you will buy new house or land after this Jupiter transit. Income would double.

Siblings are relatives will have cordial relationship with you. Employees will get promotions in their work place. Romance would be in your favor. Foreign travel would be possible. People who already settled in abroad would visit their mother land. Self-employed and traders will have great income. Wedding bell would ring for the right ones.


11th August 2016 to 27th Sept 2016 – Jupiter in Uthra nakshatra (star constellation)

Jupiter would be in Sun’s star constellation in this period. Parent’s medical expense would reduce. You will get good results in this period. Romance will be in your favor. Success in all endeavors will be there. Productivity will be more in your work place. Your business will get expanded. You will get new customers and orders from abroad.


28th Sept 2016 to 4th Dec 2016 – Jupiter in Hastha nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Moons’ star constellation. Health will be good. Business will improve drastically now. You will get new techniques and technologies into your work place. Your children marriage would get fixed. You will buy land or house. Students aspiring to study in abroad will get their chance now.


5th Nov 2015 to 5th Feb 2017 – Jupiter in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in Mar’s constellation. Students will perform well. Those who were suffering from long term disease will get cured completely now. Some of you will enjoy the parenthood now.Your income and bank savings will increase considerably. Government employees will get transfers along with promotions.


6th Feb 2017 to 13th April 2017 – Jupiter’s retrograde in Chitra nakshatra

Jupiter would be in retrograde travel in Mars’ constellation. This period would be little bit challenging one for you. Romance may not be in your favor. Parent’s health also requires extra care. There would be disputes with your loved ones. There would be health issues. Complete body checkup is advisable to you now.



14th April 2017 to 8th Jun 2017 – Jupiter retrograde in Hastha nakshatra

Businessmen will have more competition in the market. You will gain from other language and other religion people. Siblings will be helpful to you now. Students will have growth in their studies. Parent’s medical expenses will be increasing. Health will improve.


8th Jun 2017 to 3rd August 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Hastha nakshatra

Your boss will be helpful to you. Some of you will get job opportunity in abroad. This is a very good period. Luck will favor you now. Business will have good growth. Income would double. Job seekers will get new jobs. Romance will be in your favor. Some you will find your soul mate in abroad. You will get good name in your work place. Health issues will reduce.


3rd Aug 2017 to 11th Sept 2017 – Jupiter direct travel in Chitra nakshatra

You will get success in all endeavors. Health issues will completely get cured. Romance will be in your favor. Business will have tremendous growth. Plans to expand business in abroad will have some delays and obstacles. You need to take extra care of your children. There are chances for distraction from studies.


Uttara Ashada/Uththiradam:

People born in Uttara Ashada/Uththiradam nakshatra will have a good year. Health will be good. There would be tremendous economic growth. Romance would be in your favor.  Some of you will get promotions. Wedding bell would ring for the right one. Bank balance would increase.



People born in Shravana/Thiruvonam nakshatra, will have very challenging year. Romance may not be in your favor.  There could be misunderstanding with your spouse.  You will get them end of this year. Businessmen will have high competition in the market. There could be delays in getting promotions.



People born in Uttara Dhanishta/Avittam nakshatra will have a golden year. Your bank balance will increase a lot. Some of you would buy land, House or luxury vehicle this year. Your parent’s health also will improve. Romance will be in favor.  Luck will be in your favor. You will get new job in abroad. Children would bring happiness. Health will be good.



Students will have a great year. Use these days wisely to achieve things. You will get high scores in board exams. Your friends will be helpful in studies. You will get appreciation from the institutions. This is a golden year for your studies.


Women will have mental peace now. Some of you will visit a foreign county.Siblings will not be helpful. Romance would be not in your favor. There could be quarrels and disputes with your spouse. Health will be good. Wedding bell would ring for the right one.


This is a golden year for businessmen. Take extra care even for small issues. Partners in business will bring more success. Income would exponentially increase. You will have lots of new customers and contracts. You would buy land or house this year. Your bank balance would increase. When you have busy schedule in business do not avoid small health issues. Luck will be your favor.


This is a great year for you. Your career will have a good growth. Some of you will get award for best performance. Romance will be in your favor. There could be delay in small budget films. Your will get opportunities to work with legends in your industry.


Public support will be there for your social works. Your political enemies will get defeated. That will be appreciated by your party. Competition will be less in your party. You will get new positions, responsibilities in your party.



  • Perform milk abhisheka for Ganesha
  • Worship Parvathi devi on Fridays
  • Visit Ahobilam Yoga rrusimhar temple.


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