Capricorn Monthly Predictions – January 2016

Sign lord Saturn is placed in eleventh house which gives immense strength and profits to you in the recent days. Venus also placed in eleventh house and doubling the benefit results of the house of profits. Extra income, good profit, new vehicle, new house etc. are possible now.
Mercury is placed in your own sign and getting directional strength. Mercury in first house would be giving positive results in studies, statistics, books, important document creation, intelligence, cordial relationship with relatives, friends, communication etc. Some may get profit from brokerage, commission etc. Mercury would be in retrograded motion from 5th Jan to 25th Jan. There could be some delays in the above said things.
Jupiter’s placement in eighth house is not favorable. One good news is, Jupiter going to be in retrograded motion from 8th Jan. So, you will be having positive results in these days. Especially in finance matters you will have favorable results.
Mars is placed in tenth house and getting directional strength here. This is a favorable placement for Mars. Official works, urgent business, agriculture, land related business, real estate, engineering works, weapon related business, fire, kitchen related things, electricity, police, military would find favorable results.
Romance will be in your favor. Newly married couples will have to travel to a short distance place. There are chances for getting conceived. So avoid long travels this month. People in military service would complete their service and come back home.
Students will have carelessness in their studies. So, their grade would go down this month. Avoid unnecessary new friendship. Some may fail in their grade exams.
Women should have extra care in their health. There are chances for having medical expenses this month. Chances are there for back pain. Some may switch their jobs this month. Need to be very careful while driving.
Agriculture would be with average profit this month. Travel agents, hair stylists, tailors, oil business would be having good profit this month.
Favorable Days: 3,4,5,14,15,16,21,22,23,29,30,31
Unfavorable Days: 25,26,27
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