Aries Monthly Predictions – January 2016

Though Saturn is placed in most malefic place, the eighth house, Jupiter is placed in fifth house and showering good results. Venus is placed in favorable position this month. Extra income, good profit, new vehicle, new house etc. are possible now.
Mercury in tenth house would be giving positive results in studies, statistics, books, important document creation, intelligence, cordial relationship with relatives, friends, communication etc. Some may get profit from brokerage, commission etc. But Mercury would be in retro graded motion from 5th Jan to 25thJan. So, you need to  be careful in above said things  in these days.
Jupiter’s placement in fifth house would be giving good income, comforts, auspicious things, good luck etc. From Jan 8th Jupiter would be in retro graded motion. So, you need to take precautions in these things.
Mars in seventh house would make you tensed, short tempered, disputes with spouse, misunderstanding with business partner. You need to avoid unnecessary arguments in these things. Official works, urgent business, agriculture, land related business, real estate, engineering works, weapon related business, fire, kitchen related things, electricity, police, military would find delay in normal day to day activities.
Sun’s placement in the first half of the month is not favorable. Paternal responsibilities, medical treatment, government works, political activities would be making you expenditures and unnecessary delay in things. Sun’s transit to Capricorn on 14th Jan is a favorable placement. Paternal relation, government works, political success is possible in these period.
Romance may not be in your favor. There would be quarrels and disputes with your spouse. Newly married couples should give room for other’s feelings to avoid such disputes. There would be cordial relationship with your siblings. Your parent’s health may require medical treatment.
Students in under graduate program will have good improvement in studies. Students in higher education may have more distraction from their studies. Need to take more effort to gain more.
Working women will have more work load in office. There might be chances for disputes with your colleagues. Need to face challenges with your close relations.
There would be adequate profit for farmers. Small scale industries, electrical, plumber workers, export business, photo studio and tailors will have good profit this month.
Favorable Days: 1,2,3,10,11,12,21,22,23,27,28,29
Unfavorable Days: 5,6,7
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