Scorpio – Yearly Astrological Predictions 2016

Saturn will be placed in the first house for the entire year. Indian vedic astrology name this as genma shani. Saturn in first house is not good. Saturn will give mental tension, crooked mind, short temperateness, laziness, delay in things etc. There will be health issues and medical expenses this year. Disputes with family members and relatives are possible. You need to avoid any heated argument with them. Ketu (south node) is placed in fourth house this. This will create discomforts in life. You will have lots of work load and mental tension.
Rahu (north node) will be in tenth house, which is a good placement. Some of you will have promotions and salary hike after lots of struggle and work load. Jupiter will be placed in tenth house, which is not that great placement. But Jupiter will be transiting to eleventh house in August this year. This will be a turning point in your life. You will see financial gains, professional development, and happiness in family etc. after August. So, this year you will be having mixture of all these placements. Let us see month wise results based on the above placements other plants (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) placements.
Pay attention to your health. There could be minor ailments and medical expenses because of that. There would be health problems for your family members also. Mental tension would be there because of the disputes with family members and relatives.
Family & Finance:
Financial condition would be great in the first half of the year. There would be happiness in family. Though there would be problem with your son, there won’t be many issues. Maintain cordial relationship with relatives. You need to be careful after August month.
There would be promotions and salary hikes in the first half of the year. But there would be work load and mental tension. Your colleagues would help you to reduce the work load. But colleagues may not be helpful after August. So, plan your work carefully. 
Businessmen will gain more this year after hard work. You will get new customers. People who are in hotels, restaurants, and food business will gain more. You will get bank loans to expand your business. Competition will be less in the market for you. There will be some disputes with your partners.
Politicians need to be very careful. Do not overreact for situations. Your political enemies will have more power than you. There could disputes with your leaders. You need to diplomatically take moves this year. There could be chances for paying penalties to the government. That may affect your political career.
You will get new opportunities.  Income will double. Parent’s health needs to be taken care. Their medical expense may increase. Avoid plans for new land or house. This will get  delayed. You will get good name and fame in the  last part of the year.
Farmers will have great profit this year. Cultivation will give maximum benefit. You will be using new technology to improve the yields. You will get proper manpower help at the right time. Some of you may buy new house or vehicle.
Women will have a good year ahead. Success will be there all your endeavors. There will be harmony in family. In laws will be helpful to you. Romance will be in your favor. You will get new vehicle or house this year.
There will be good improvement in studies. Your friends will help in scoring high marks. You will get your desired branch of study. Health issues may be there. Professional course students will get job in campus interview.
Let us see month wise results based on the above placements other plants (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) placements.

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