Sagittarius – Yearly Astrological Predictions 2016

Monthly predictions
Romance will not be in your favor. There could be misunderstanding with your loved one. Health issues will be there. Medical expenses will increase. Some of you may buy a new house with bank loan. Income will be adequate. Be careful in financial dealings.

Favorable Days: 2,18

Unfavorable period: 23rd Jan 2016 evening 4:03 PM to 25th Jan 2016 night 11:54 PM
Think twice before you invest in real estate in this period. There could be chances of getting cheated. Verify the documents carefully. You need to take extra care of your spouse health. Romance will not be in favor. Businessmen will get new customers.

Favorable Days: 30,19

Unfavorable period: 19th February 2016 night 10:47 PM to 22nd February 2016 morning 7:27 AM
There could be some problem with other language persons. Romance will be in favor now. Siblings will not be in favor. There could be some disputes with them. Some of you will get your marriage fixed. Avoid disputes with other women.

Favorable Days: 5, 22

Unfavorable period: 18th March 2016 night 4:20PM to 20th March 2016 afternoon 1:35PM
This is a very good period for you. You will get succeed in all your endeavors. You will meet all your family needs. Income will be double. Harmony in family relations will be there. Some of you will get promotion in office. There could be chance for enjoying the parenthood.

Favorable Days: 1, 10

Unfavorable period: 14th April 2016 morning 10:28 AM to 16th April 2016 evening 7:17 PM
Government job is expected for the right ones. You will transfers to your desired locations. Parent’s health will improve. There are chances for separated couples to reunite.  Income will be adequate. Businessmen involved in paper, communications, TV channels will gain more.

Favorable Days: 3, 20

Unfavorable period: 11th May 2016 evening 6:25 PM  to 13th May 2016 night 11:27 PM 
Avoid speculation and share market. Income will be adequate. Health issues will be there. Take extra care of your children. They may be distracted from the studies. Romance will be in favor. But take care of your spouse health.

Favorable Days: 9, 14

Unfavorable period: 8th June night 2016 morning 3:57 AM to 10th June night 2016 morning 10:06 AM
You will get more gains this period. Mental tensions will be reduced. Disputes on ancestral property will be solved. Siblings will have cordial relationship. Romance will be in favor. Businessmen can expand their business now.

Favorable Days: 12, 20

Unfavorable period: to 5th July 2016 afternoon 1:42PM to 7th July 2016 evening 7:12PM
Expenditures on children education will be more now. There could be delay in foreign travel. Disputes with siblings will be there. Romance will not be in your favor. Parent’s health will require medical aid. There will be delays in getting financial aid from banks.

Favorable Days: 6, 20

Unfavorable period: 1st  August 2016 night 10:17PM to 4th August 2016 morning 4:07 AM and 29thAugust 2016 morning 5:04 AM to 31st August 2016 morning 10:49 AM
Health issues would be there. Medical expenses would increase. Romance would be in your favor. Business people should take extra care in their inventory. Children would bring success.

Favorable Days: 7, 18

Unfavorable period: 25th September 2016 morning 10:36AM to 27th September 2016 morning 6:00PM
The learnings you are going to have this year would be helpful in your future life. Job seekers would get a new job. Some of you may get government job also. Children would bring happiness. Family disputes would be there.

Favorable Days: 2, 30

Unfavorable period: 22nd October 2016 evening 4:31PM to 24th October 2016 evening 11:32PM
Romance will be in favor. Health issues will not be there. Some of you will get male child this year. Business men will gain more. Wedding bell would ring for the right ones.

Favorable Days: 14, 18

Unfavorable period: 18th November 2016 night 11:33PM to 21st  November 2016 morning 6:02AM
Romance will be in your favor. Couples who were having misunderstanding will reunite. Some will be blessed with a male child. Employees will get transferred to desired locations with promotions. Some will buy new house. Self-employed will have good income. Father’s health will improve.

Favorable Days: 1, 12
Unfavorable period: 16th December 2016 morning 10:51 AM to 18th December 2016 afternoon 2:41 PM. 

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