Pisces – Yearly Astrological Predictions 2016

Your sign lord Jupiter is placed in sixth house. This is not a good placement for Jupiter. Jupiter would be transiting to your seventh house in August this year. This is a wonderful placement for Jupiter. There will be very good inflow of money. Your social status will increase this year. You will get succeeded in all the endeavors with little effort. Jupiter is going to shower you good results like financial gains, foreign trips, marriage, new job, business growth etc. You will get very huge profits in your job.
 Saturn in ninth house and Rahu (north node) in sixth house is a fair placement. There will be some health issues. But that can be manageable one after August. So, this year you will be having mixture of all these placements. Let us see month wise results based on the above placements other plants (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) placements.
Business people will find less competition in market. New ventures will get succeeded. Customers will have good experience with you. Financial help will reach you at right time. Business with foreign countries needs to be handled carefully.
Family & Finance:
There could be some obstacles in delays in children’s marriage. Income will be adequate till August. After August all the obstacles and delays regarding children’s marriage will be vanishing. Income would double after August. Disputes will your relatives will be solved.
There will be promotions and awards in the second half of the year. Your career development would be tremendous. Though there would be more work load in your work place, you can manage them by having cordial relationship with your subordinates and team members.
Artists born in this sign will have fair year. You will get good chances now. Some may go to abroad. People working in designs, cinematography, sound technicians will have good income. Musician needs to take care of their health.
You will get public support now. Chances are there in winning elections. Politicians who work in municipal level will face financial problems. Women leaders will be in your favor. Your subordinates will be helpful.
Students need to take extra care in studies. Only perseverance will help you in scoring good marks. Some of you will continue your studies in a distant place. Do not involve in any mischievous activities. That will spoil your reputation.
Women will have fair days ahead. Do not buy an new items now. Health needs to be taken care. There will be mental tension. Romance will not be in your favor. Children will have some problem. You need to take extra care.
Though there would be some medical expenses in the first half of the year, all those problems would be solved after August. You will be active and without any tension you would be carrying out your duties. There would be happy occasions in family. 
Let us see month wise results based on the above placements other plants (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) placements.

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