Capricorn – Yearly Astrological Predictions 2016

Your sign lord and lord of second house, Saturn would be placed in eleventh house. Any planet placed in eleventh house will shower good results. One of the most malefic planet Saturn, in eleventh house will double the good results. There will be very good inflow of money. Your social status will increase this year. You will get succeeded in all the endeavors with little effort. But Rahu (north node) and Ketu (south node) placement is not good this year. Rahu and Ketu will be placed in eighth house and second house respectively. This will create some obstacles in money inflow which is given by Saturn.
There will be disputes with your family members. But Jupiter  is going to transit to ninth house, the house of luck, success and prosperity. This will give you good financial gains, professional development, business growth, marriage, child birth etc. Though there would be some health issues, you can manage them with the placements of Saturn and Jupiter. So, this year you will be having mixture of all these placements. Let us see month wise results based on the above placements other plants (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) placements.
You will get more customers. But be careful in investments. There are chances for wrong invest decision. Avoid new partners in business. Businessmen involved in food industry, hotels, restaurants, travel agency will gain more.
Working professionals will be having contented situation in work place. There would be awards or rewards expected for your had work. There would be promotions in the later part of  the year. Some government employees may get transferred to nearby locations.
Family & Finance:
Financial condition is going to be wonderful this year. You will fulfill your family needs. There would be some undesired expenses through immovable properties. Chances are there for disputes with spouse. Avoid unnecessary luxurious expenditures.
Artists born in this sign will have challenging year.  There could be more competition this year. Income will not be sufficient. Expenditures will be more than income. Do not involve in any arguments in work place.
You will get success this year. Your efforts will be recognized by the leaders of your party. Public support will be there. People involving in charity works needs to be very careful in executing tasks. There will be success in politics for you.
Students should give extra effort in studies. You will have to work very hard to gain expected score in your board examinations. Friends will take most of your time. Stay away from them.
Avoid disputes in family. Take care of your health. There could be some health issues. Romance will be in your favor. Parents health will improve. Children will listen to you and make you happy.
Health will be very good this year. All the tasks taken by you would be done with great enthusiasm. Though there would be frequent travels and tiredness because of that, those travels would be giving fruitful results. There would be minor medical expenses for the elderly people in family. 
Let us see month wise results based on the above placements other plants (Sun, Moon, Mercury etc.) placements.

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