Astro Bullets – 12 important points in astrology Part -2

1.     For Aries ascendant, if Sun is placed in Aries, Jupiter is placed in Sagittarius, Saturn and Moon placed in Libra would form a powerful Raja Yoga.
2.     If second lord and twelfth lord jointly placed in fourth house or ninth house in horoscope, the native becomes rich.
3.     Third lord and Mars together placed in any of the astrological signs Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces in rashi chart (D1) or in Navamsa chart (D9) and aspected by Moon or Venus, then the native would be having female siblings.
4.     Ascendant lord, fourth lord and ninth lord placed in Kendra to each other, and the ascendant lord is powerfully placed, native would be having lot many vehicles.
5.     Jupiter placed in Cancer and it happens to be fifth house, then the native’s first wife will not have children. But the second wife would give birth to a child.
6.     If Rahu is placed in sixth house or Saturn is placed in fifth house, native would win over his enemies.
7.     If seventh house happens to be Capricorn or Cancer and Mars and Moon together placed in these astrological signs, native would get very good natured spouse.
8.     If Mars is conjoined with ascendant and eighth lord and placed in eighth house, native would die in the war field. He will be glorified as war time hero.
9.     If ninth lord is exalted and aspected by benefic planets and ninth house is occupied by benefic planets, native would be an philanthropist.
10.     If Jupiter placed in Sagittarius, waxing Moon is placed in conjoined with Jupiter and Venus placed in seventh house and aspected by benefic placnets, native would be having long lasting fame.
11.     If eleventh lord happens to be Sun and conjoined with Moon or aspected by Moon, native would be a wealthy person.
12.     If tenth lord is natural malefic and placed in twelfth house with no power (debilitation or in enemy sign), native would lose all his wealth at the 50th age.

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