Taurus Monthly Predictions – October 2015

This month all the planets are in favorable position. You are going to have a very great month ahead. You will achieve great things this month. New ventures will get succeeded. People who look for a new job may get one. Some of you may have to travel abroad. You may get benefited from women.
Government favors are possible this month. Business men will have great income. Employees would get recognition from their boss.
Romance would be in favor. But take care of your loved ones health. Some may have chance for second baby. People who are in abroad may visit home land. Elder ones in the family soul help you financially.
Students will find improvements in their studies. You would score more marks or grades in your school. Some of you may get prizes in sports competitions. Students those who are away from home must be careful with your friends. 
Women will have a favorable month. Marriage would get fixed this month. Some may find their soulmates. Loans will be closed. Some of you may get government job. Be care full with your wallet. Some of you may miss your wallet.
Farmers will get good profit. Professors, daily business, musicians, drivers, textile business men, fruit business, journalists, pawn brokers may get benefited more this month.
Favorable Days: 3,4,5,11,12,13, 23,2,4,25,30,31
Unfavorable Days: 7, 8, 9
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