Weekly Predictions (16th August, 2015 to 22nd August, 2015)

Though sign lord is debilitated, the fifth lord is transiting to fifth house in the second half of the month. Jupiter conjunction with fifth lord Sun will give good results. Jupiter’s aspect is there for the ninth house and your birth sign itself. These two things are very supportive this week.
All the obstacles and delays in your profession would vanish. Siblings would be favorable to you. Some of you would change your vehicle. But since Saturn is in eighth house, do not go for any new plans now. Avoid new investments also. Romance would not be in favor. Speculation and share market is not favorable.
Sign lord Venus is in third house but in retrograded motion. Mercury is also placed in fourth house. There could be some problem related to assets and vehicles, since Jupiter the eighth lord placed in fourth house with fourth lord. But father’s health would be improving this week.
Romance may be in favor this week. Since the house of profession is strengthened by the aspect of Mercury and Jupiter, there could be salary hikes or promotions in the work place. Income would be double this week. Business men will have more profit this week. Commission based businessmen, clerks, accountants, communications industry workers will have good week ahead.
Sign Lord Mercury is placed in second house which is a friendly house to Mercury.   The second lord Sun is also going to transit to second house and conjoining with Jupiter and Mercury. This indicates good inflow of money in this month. Businessmen will find new customers and get more business.
Romance may be in favor this week. You will achieve new things in your work place, which will be appreciated by the higher management or clients. There could be more expenditure this week. But you will get enough income also in this week.  
Though the yoga karaka is weak now, Jupiter and the sign lord Moon is placed in second house. This is a strong indication of income growth. The second lord Sun’s transit to second house ensures this. Some of you may buy new house or land. Mother’s health will improve this week.
Romance would be in favor.  Speculation and share market is in favor. Some of you may plan for expanding your business in the nearby city. For the ones waiting for foreign trip for a long time, their dream may come true now.
Sign lord Sun is transiting to your own sign in this week.  Luck may be in favor after this transit. The second lord Mercury is conjunction with the sign lord. This is good for high income this week. The fifth lord Jupiter is also conjoining with Sun in this week. This shows luck in your way in this week.
There would be more expenditure than income. You may buy some home appliances in this week. You will be getting some recognition in your work place. Health issues may come. Romance is not in your favor. Avoid speculation and share market.
Sign lord Mercury is placed in twelfth house with retrograded Venus.  The twelfth house lord Sun is also going to transit to twelfth house. So, there would be more expenditure in this week. The fifth lord aspect on ninth house may bring some luck.
Romance may not be in favor. Speculation and share market will not be in favor. Women will have good time in their work place. Real estate, builders, engineers will get more income this week.
Jupiter, Moon and Mercury are in eleventh house. All the natural benefic are in the house of profits. So, profit and income would be more in this week.  The eleventh lord sun is also going to transit to eleventh house. So, businessmen will get more support from government and getting more business.
Romance would be in favor. Speculation and share market would be in your favor. All the obstacles in delays would vanish. Legal issues nay get solved in your favor. Wedding bell would ring for the  right one. Some of you get chance to fly abroad.
Sign lord Mars is placed in ninth house but debilitated.  But all other yoga giving planets are in favorable positions. The ninth lord Moon would be placed in ten, eleventh house for the most of the days in the week. The tenth house lord Sun would be transiting to tenth house itself in the second half of the week.
Income would double in this week. But there would be expenditures because of women. Government favors would be there. Lawyers, hotel, restaurant owners, marketing professionals would be having great week.
The sign lord Jupiter is placed in ninth house. The ninth lord Sun is also transiting to ninth house. The second lord Saturn is placed in twelfth house. There would be more expenditure. The eleventh lord Venus is placed in eighth house.
For self-employed people, profit would be more. All the setbacks would be resolved.  All kind of natives, Students, artists, politicians, self-employed persons, business men, and women would be having a great week. Some may get a chance to visit foreign countries.
Moon would be in eighth house in the first few days of the week. The sign lord Saturn is placed in eleventh house. The fifth lord is placed in seventh house and aspect your own sign.  But the ninth lord Mercury is placed in eighth house.
Romance may not be in favor. There could be chances for big clashes with your soulmate. Take extra care with your children. Some may get good news from abroad. Some of you may fly this week.
Sign lord is placed in tenth house.  The yoga karaka planet Venus is placed in seventh house. The fifth house lord Mercury is also in seventh house and aspecting your sign. The second lord Jupiter is also placed in seventh house. Moon would be in eighth house on Tuesday and Wednesday. Avoid taking important decisions on these days.
Business men would get more gains this week. This is a favorable week for students and women. Romance may not be in favor. Government employees may have a very good week. Foreign trips may be delayed because of the placement of Saturn in ninth house.
Sign lord is placed in sixth house. Seventh lord Mercury is placed in sixth house. The ninth lord Mars is debilitated and fifth lord Moon would be placed in unfavorable places in the most of the week.
Favorable week for women. You will be recognized well in office. Venus is in fifth house. So, romance would be in favor. Help from strangers is possible. Official foreign trip is possible. But since Saturn is in ninth house, you must be careful in making decisions.
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