Sagittarius Monthly Prediction – August 2015

All the planets are in favorable position this month. The fifth lord Mars is not favorable to your because it is debilitated in eighth house.  The ninth sign lord sun is placed in ninth  house itself along with Jupiter. So you may get promotions, awards, recognition in your work place. Health may improve this month. Government favors are possible. The second half of the month would be better than the first half. Some may get succeeded in court case. There could be chances for transfers for government employees.
The seventh lord Mars is debilitated. So, romance may not be in favor of you. There could be quarrels between couples. Newly married couples should keep their calm. Health may improve for the elder ones in the family. Some of you may do alteration in your house.
Students should take care of their health. Students will have to give more concentration on their studies. Especially those who are aiming for competitive exams should take special coaching this month. There is no alternative for hard work.
Women would be having an average month ahead. Some of you may get new vehicle. There are high chances to close one of your loans. There could be quarrel with your siblings. Teachers, lawyers, bank employees, would get benefited more this month.
Farmers may not get expected profit this month. Petrol fuel station, building contractors, textile business men, restaurant owners, printing press owners may get more benefits this month.
Favorable Days: 1,2,7,8,9,17,18,1929,30
Unfavorable Days: 12,13,14
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