Capricorn Monthly Prediction – August 2015

This month most of the planets are in unfavorable position. The fifth lord Venus is placed in eighth house with retrograded motion.  The ninth lord Mercury is placed in eighth house. You should take care of your health. Expenditure will be more than income.
Children may bring happiness. Some may travel to abroad. Since the seventh lord Venus is also in fifth house, romance will be in your favor. Some distant relatives may visit you this month. Happiness prevails in your family.
Students will see some improvement in their studies after Jupiter’s transit to Leo. But Saturn in eighth house may bring laziness, obstacles etc. Some may get prizes in competitions. Students who are in college may have to go to outstation to continue their studies.
Women will have a great month ahead. Girls looking for marriage may get engaged. Some of you may have the chance for mother hood. Romance would be in favor for you.
Farmers would get good money this month. Business men who are in bricks, plastics, book binding, laundry, fish mart, mutton stall may get benefited this month.
Favorable Days: 3,4,5,10,11,12,20,21,22,31
Unfavorable Days: 14,15,16 
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