Aries Monthly Prediction – August 2015


This month sign lord Mars would be debilitated in third house. But Jupiter’s placement in the fifth house would compensate this evil effect. The fifth house lord Sun also will be in its own house in the second half of the month. There would be combination of fifth and ninth lord’s in fifth house itself. So, luck would be favorable to you in this month.
Sudden travel is expected in this month. Some of you may buy new vehicle this month. There could be chances for getting new property in this month. Government favors are expected now. Memorable moments in family would be there. Romance may be in your favor. Children would bring happiness.
Romance may be in favor.  Couples would be having great time. You may have to spend for your siblings. Children would bring happiness. There is a chance for new comer this month.
Students will see good improvement in their studies. Students in higher studies would win in competitive exams. Some students may get placed in campus interviews. Must be careful with new friends.
Women should take care of their health. Medical expenditures will increase. There could minor quarrels with in laws.
Farmers will get very minimal profit. Restaurants, rice mill, mechanical engineers, police, military personnel will gain more.
Favorable Days: 1,10,11,12,17,18,19,27,28
Unfavorable Days: 22, 23, 24
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