Astro Bullets Part – 1

1. For Capricorn ascendant, Moon and Mars in first house and Jupiter in seventh house, makes the native king or equivalent to a king.
2. If the lords of ascendant, second, ninth and eleventh houses are exalted and the eleventh lord is in Vaisheshikamsha then the native becomes very rich.
3. If the third house is aspected by Saturn and Venus and lord of third house occupies a male sign in navamsha, native will have younger brother and the younger brother will be famous.
4. If there is conjunction between ascendant lord and ninth lords and the fourth house is occupied by Jupiter and Venus the native would be having a kingdom and luxurious vehicles.
5. If there is exchange of houses between ascendant lord and fifth house or the fifth lord aspects the fifth house, native would get an honest son.
6. If sixth house is occupied by Saturn and Mars, native would get strength, fame, courage and prosperity.
7. If ascendant lord and Venus occupy the fourth house, native would get married at a very young age.
8. If lords of Kendra (quadrant) occupies a Kona (trine) and Saturn is placed in the seventh house from them and the lord of second house is powerfully placed in eighth house, the native would live up to 100 years.
9. If the lord of the sixth and ninth house is natural enemies and the sixth lord occupies the ninth house, then the native would gain wealth from his enemies.
10. If Sun and Mars occupies the tenth house and Saturn occupies the third house, native would become a minister.
11. If the eleventh lord conjoins with tenth lord or aspects the tenth lord and placed in friendly, own or exalted sign, the native would get immense wealth in his life.
12. If waning Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are conjoined in twelfth house, the native would spend his wealth to poor people. He would be a philanthropist.
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