Sagittarius Monthly Prediction – July 2015

All the planets are in favorable position this month. The ninth sign lord sun is placed in seventh  house aspecting your sign. The fifth lord Mars is also in seventh house aspecting your sign. Some may get chance to fly abroad. Health will improve. Government favors are possible. Some may get government jobs also.
The sign lord Jupiter is transiting to ninth house. This is a very auspicious placement for sign lord. All the obstacles, troubles, delays you were facing would vanish now. This is going to be happiest month for you.
Romance would be in favor. There could be some monetary benefit from your spouse. Your spouse relative may give you a visit. Your children may get their soulmates this month.
Students will see good improvement in their studies. Students in higher studies would win in competitive exams. Some students may get placed in campus interviews. Some of you may get new friends.
Women will have a great month. Working women will have to take more responsibilities. Those who are in government job will get transferred to your preferred location. Housing loan would be sanctioned this month.
Farmers would have margin profit. Real estate, saw mill, bank employees, lawyers, textile businessmen, journalists, sales person would get more benefit this  month.
Favorable Days: 5,6,7,11,12,13,21,22,23
Unfavorable Days: 16,17,18
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