Jupiter Transit 2015 – Cancer

Jupiter is transiting to 2nd house from Cancer. This is a very good placement for Jupiter. You will succeed in all your endeavors now. Delays and obstacles in business will vanish. There will be good financial inflow. Health will improve. Your parent’s medical expense will reduce. Their health will improve.
Romance will be in your favor. Some will be blessed with a child. Siblings will have cordial relationship with you. Employees will get transferred to desired locations. Farmers will have good cultivation this year. Some will buy new house. Self-employed will have good income. Your colleagues will be in your favor. Disputes with them will be solved.
14th July 2015 to 29 Aug 2015 – Jupiter in Magha nakshatra (star constellation)
Jupiter would be in Ketu’s star constellation in this period. Financial crisis will be solved now. Income will double. Romance will be in your favor. Separated couples will reunite now. Your financial status will increase. Friends will be helpful. Health issues will get cured. Politicians will get new assignments.
30th Aug 2015 to 5th Nov 2015– Jupiter in Purva Phalguni/Puram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in Venus’ star constellation.  Children will bring happiness. Government favors are expected. Obstacle in foreign travel will not be there now. Mechanical engineers will have good income now. Other language people will be supportive. Students will find chance to study abroad. Legal issues will get solved smoothly. Business men will get new contracts.
6th Nov 2015 to 8th Jan 2016– Jupiter in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in Sun’s constellation.  You will buy new vehicle. Farmers will get more money in cultivating cash crops. Some will do charity work now. Medical expense for parent’s will reduce now.
8th Jan 2016 to 10th Feb 2016 – Jupiter’s retrograde in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in retrograde travel in Sun’s constellation.  Government employees will a great time. They will get transfers to desired location with promotion. Romance will be in favor. Some will get blessed with male child. Children will bring success. Travel agency people will have better income.
11th Feb 2016 to 16th Jun 2016– Jupiter retrograde in Purva Phalguni/ Puram
 Business men will find increase in productivity and profit. Romance will be in favor. Medical expense for parents will increase. You need to take extra care on their health.   Students will get high score in board exams. Some of you may go to abroad for higher studies.
17th Jun 2016 to 15th Jul 2016– Jupiter direct travel in Purva Phalguni/ Puram
Children will bring happiness. They will get distinction in their board exams. You will buy new vehicle now. You will meet your very old friend. Job seekers will get new job. Especially who were trying for government jobs. Income will be very good.
15th Jul 2016 to 11th Aug 2016– Jupiter direct travel in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
 There will be happy moments in family. Your children will get married now. Business growth will be very good. Romance will be in favor. You need to take care of your spouse health in this period. You will get promotions in your work place.
Students will have sudden improvements in studies. You will join in desired professional course. You will get educational loan to peruse higher studies. You will get selected in campus interviews. Some may go to abroad for higher studies.
All the problems you were facing in last two years will get solved. Income will be more now. You will buy new jewels in this period. Romance will be in your favor.  Some of you will buy new house. You will get promotions in your job.
Business people will open new branches in the city. Competitors will get weaken. You will get new customers. Bank loans will get sanctioned. Some of you will go to abroad to get trained in your business. Your partners will give good cooperation for your decisions.
Artists born in this sign will have very good year. You will get good chances now. Some may go to abroad. Small budges movies will have great success. People who are in stunt arrangements, body builders, screen play writers will gain more.
You will win your enemies now. You will get public support. Chances are there in winning elections. Politicians who try for legislative assembly will succeed now.  Your election campaign will get more results.
People who are born in Punarvasu/Punarpusam will have a good year. You will succeed in all your endeavors.. Some of you may fly to foreign land. Competition in your work will reduce. Some of you will be blessed with a newcomer to the family. You will win in legal issues. Romance will be in favor. You will buy new vehicle now.
People born in Pushya/Pusam nakshatra, will win all your enemies.  Some of you will buy a house. Your income will double. Some of you will get married to your loved ones. Health will improve. Medical expenses will reduce. Students will get good ranks in board exams. Foreign trips are expected for the senior citizens.
People born in Ashlesha/Ayilyam nakshatra will have good days. Parent’s health will improve. You will get your ancestral property on your name. Residual income would increase. People who are in travel agency, chemical industry, cargo service will get more income. Those who are in abroad will visit mother land.
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