Jupiter Transit 2015 – Aries

Jupiter is transiting to 5th house from Aries. This is a very good placement for Jupiter. But Saturn is in eighth house which is most unfavorable placement with respect to Saturn. Saturn would be giving obstacles, delays, frustration etc. during this time period. Jupiter’s 5th house placement would give some relief from these problems. It’s a time to say blessing in disguise.
During this time period your health will improve. Job seekers will get job. Romance would be in favor. Children would bring happiness. Newly married couples may get good news regarding new comer to the family. Some may go to abroad for job.
14th July 2015 to 29 Aug 2015 – Jupiter in Magha nakshatra (star constellation)
Jupiter would be in Ketu’s star constellation in this period. You will get succeeded in all your endeavors. All obstacles would vanish. Money inflow would be good. You may repay some of your debts. You may get promotions and transfers in your work place. You may get good results in legal issues.
30th Aug 2015 to 5th Nov 2015– Jupiter in Purva Phalguni/Puram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in Venus’ star constellation. Venus is enemy planet to Jupiter. You should be very careful in this time period. You should take extra care in financial dealings. Do not trust strangers and invest money. Other language people would help you. Some of you may visit a foreign land. There could be problem with siblings regarding ancestral property. Same time income would double. Romance would be in favor. Students will have good improvements in their studies.
6th Nov 2015 to 8th Jan 2016– Jupiter in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in Sun’s constellation. Sun is friendly planet to Jupiter. All obstacles and troubles would vanish. You will get financial aid from banks. Income would double. Couples would be having great time. Youngsters would find their soul mate. You will win in legal matters.
8th Jan 2016 to 10th Feb 2016 – Jupiter’s retrograde in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in retrograde travel in Sun’s constellation. You must be careful in all your endeavors. Take care of your health. Your parent’s medial expense would increase. Romance may not be in favor. Do not divert your concentration while driving. Income may be adequate. There could be delay in getting new job for job seekers.
11th Feb 2016 to 16th Jun 2016– Jupiter retrograde in Purva Phalguni/ Puram
Other language people would help you. Some of you may get job in abroad. People who are in abroad might give a visit to mother land. You will successfully deal all the obstacles you were facing so far. Your bank balance would increase. Your status in society would increase.
17th Jun 2016 to 15th Jul 2016– Jupiter direct travel in Purva Phalguni/ Puram
Work load would be more in your work place. You should take your own decision. Other advice may bring problem to you. Government employees would get transfer. Do not plan any new development in your business. Maintain the status quo. Students should take extra care in your studies.
15th Jul 2016 to 11th Aug 2016– Jupiter direct travel in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
Your profit in business would double. You will get good news from all the endeavors you take. Some may get salary hike and promotion in work place. Self-employed people would get more business opportunities. Some may get chances for parenthood. Your children will get new job. You may have some problems with your siblings.
This Jupiter transit is going to be your golden opportunity for you. You will have a very good development in studies. Some of you may get placed in campus interviews. Those who wants to go to abroad for higher studies will get their wish fulfilled. But since Saturn is in eighth place would delay things. So, take extra care and work hard.
Your health will improve. Your will have promotions and salary hikes in your work place. Siblings will have a cordial relationship with you. Quarrels with your spouse would come to an end. Children would bring happiness. Children’s marriage would get fixed. They would get good job. Chances are there for enjoying the motherhood.
You will get business contacts in abroad. Your business will be developing fast and you will get enough support for that from your subordinates and financial institutions. All the old stocks would get cleared in sales. You can open new branches for your business. You will win your competitors.
Artists born in this sign will have a very good year. This year you will get lots of opportunities to prove your talent. Your income will go high.  Those who are still expecting a chance to prove will get their dream chance this year. Some of you may get married. Some of you may get foreign chances.
Luck is in favor of you. Your political enemies would lose strength and you have a great chance of winning them. You may get powerful posts in your party. You may win in elections if you contest.
People who are born in Ashwini nakshatra (star constellation) would get good results throughout the year. Income will be more for them. Romance would be in your favor. Family disputes will come to an end. There will be cordial relation with your relatives. Health will improve. You will close some of your debts. Your children will get married. Parent’s health will improve.
People who are born in Bharani nakshatra will have a very great year. All the obstacles and delays will not be there. You will get new friends. They will be helping you new ventures. Political success is expected to some of you in that line.
People who are born in Kruthika nakshatra will have average results. Paternal relations will have some problem. Students will have good improvement in their studies. Traders will get good income. Their profit would double this year. Some of you will get married this year. 
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