Jupiter Transit 2015 – Aquarius

Jupiter is transiting to your seventh house. This is a favorable placement.  The obstacles and delays you were facing for the past one year will come to an end. Income would increase. You will get success in all your endeavors. Health will improve. Diseased ones will get cured now.
There would be harmony in family. You would buy new jewels, lands, house etc. in this year. Wedding bell would ring for the eligible ones. Employees will get transferred to desired locations. Farmers will have good cultivation this year. Self-employed will have good income. Newly married couples may get good news regarding new comer to the family. Some may go to abroad for job.
14th July 2015 to 29 Aug 2015 – Jupiter in Magha nakshatra (star constellation)
Jupiter would be in Ketu’s star constellation in this period.  You will get succeeded in all your endeavors. All obstacles would vanish. Money inflow would be good. You may repay some of your debts. You may get promotions and transfers in your work place. You may get good results in legal issues.
30th Aug 2015 to 5th Nov 2015– Jupiter in Purva Phalguni/Puram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in Venus’ star constellation.  Venus is enemy planet to Jupiter. You should be very careful in this time period. You should take extra care in financial dealings. Do not trust strangers and invest money. Other language people would help you. Some of you may visit a foreign land. There could be problem with siblings regarding ancestral property. Same time income would double. Romance would be in favor. Students will have good improvements in their studies.
6th Nov 2015 to 8th Jan 2016– Jupiter in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in Sun’s constellation.  You will get rid off bad people around you. Health will improve. There will be enough income. But sometimes there will be financial crisis. Unexpected expenditures, visits will be there. Government employees should take extra care in your tasks. There could some problem related to immovable property.
8th Jan 2016 to 10th Feb 2016 – Jupiter’s retrograde in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
Jupiter would be in retrograde travel in Sun’s constellation. This is not a favorable period. You need to be very careful now. Medical expenses will increase. Income will be adequate. Businessmen will get good financial support from government institutions. Government employees will get promotions and transfers.
11th Feb 2016 to 16th Jun 2016– Jupiter retrograde in Purva Phalguni/ Puram
You will gain from other language and other religion people. Children will bring happiness. Government favors are expected. Obstacle in foreign travel will not be there now. Mechanical engineers will have good income now. Other language people will be supportive. Students will find chance to study abroad. Legal issues will get solved smoothly. Business men will get new contracts.
17th Jun 2016 to 15th Jul 2016– Jupiter direct travel in Purva Phalguni/ Puram
This is a very good period. Luck will favor you now. Good prosperity will be there in this period. Success will be in your path. People who are in drugs, chemists, medical shop will gain more. Politicians involved in business will find tough time now. Other language people will be helpful to you. You will win in legal suits.
15th Jul 2016 to 11th Aug 2016– Jupiter direct travel in Uttara Phalguni/Uthram nakshatra
You will get success in all endeavors. Romance will be in favor now. Siblings will not be in favor. There could be some disputes with them. Some of you will get your marriage fixed. Avoid disputes with other women. Income will be double. Harmony in family relations will be there. Some of you will get promotion in office. There could be chance for enjoying the parenthood.
This Jupiter transit is going to be your golden opportunity for you. You will have a very good development in studies. Some of you may get placed in campus interviews. Those who wants to go to abroad for higher studies will get their wish fulfilled. But since Saturn is in eighth place would delay things. So, take extra care and work hard.
Your spouse health will improve. Your health also will be good. Romance would be in favor. Some of you will get chance to become mother. Children will bring happiness in family. Your children’s marriage would be fixed. You will have to work hard in your work place. You will find delays and obstacles.
Business people will find less competition in market. New ventures will get succeeded. Customers will have good experience with you. Financial help will reach you at right time. Business with foreign countries needs to be handled carefully.
Artists born in this sign will have very good year. You will get good chances now. Some may go to abroad. Small budges movies will have great success. People who are in stunt arrangements, body builders, and screen play writers will gain more.
You will win your enemies now. You will get public support. Chances are there in winning elections. Politicians who try for legislative assembly will succeed now.  Your election campaign will get more results.
People born in Uttara Dhanishta/Avittam nakshatra will have a good year. You will succeed in all your endeavors.. Some of you may fly to foreign land. Competition in your work will reduce. Some of you will be blessed with a newcomer to the family. You will win in legal issues. Romance will be in favor. You will buy new vehicle now.
People born in Shatabhisha/Sathayam nakshatra, will have good days. Parent’s health will improve. You will get your ancestral property on your name. Residual income would increase. People who are in travel agency, chemical industry, cargo service will get more income. Those who are in abroad will visit mother land.
Purva Bhrdrapada/Pooradam:
People born in Purva Bhrdrapada/Pooradam nakshatra will have a golden year. Some of you will buy a house. Your income will double. Health will be good. You will get success in your personal life. People who are in medical field, doctors, chemists, lab technicians will gain more. People who are in textile, sales, jewelers needs to be very careful.
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