Chapter 35 – Classification of Houses

     In Vedic astrology, certain houses get importance as they play vital role in prediction. They are called,
1.       Kendra houses
2.      Trikon houses
3.      Panpharal houses
4.      Apoklima houses
5.      Upachaya houses
6.      Maraka houses
7.      Dhushta or Evil houses
8.      Pathaka houses
     Kendra sthana:
            The 1,4,7,10 houses from the ascendant are called Kendra sthana or Vishnu sthana. These Kendra houses are called four pillars of the horoscope. These four houses are 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees away from the ascendant respectively. Strength of these houses increase in ascending order from 1,4,7,10. 1st house is the weakest Kendra and 10th house is the strongest Kendra.
     Trikon sthana:
            The 1, 5, 9 houses are called trikon houses or Lakshmi sthana. The most auspicious houses in the chart are these trikon houses. These trikon houses are 120, 240 and 360 degrees away from the ascendant. Strength of the trikon houses in ascending order is 1,5,9. 1sthouse being weakest trikon and 9th house being the strongest trikon.
            If you notice the above two explanations, 1st house i.e ascendant falls in both Kendra and trikon. A planet which owns one Kendra house and one trikon house is called ‘Yoga Karaka’ (Most auspicious planet) in vedic astrology. I’ll explain this yoga karaka concept in later chapters. Here the first house acts as a Kendra as well as a trikon.  So, ascendant and its lord has to shower good results in their dasa period.
     Panpharal sthana:
            The 2,5,8,11 houses from ascendant is called panpharal sthana. These panpharal sthanas are important calculating one’s financial status. 2nd house is one’s own money, 5thhouse inherited money, 8th house is unexpected money, 11thhouse is gain from profession or business.
     Apoklima sthana: 
            The 3,6,9,12 houses are called apoklima houses or cadent houses. Planets placed in these  signs are considered weak. Except 9thhouse, it is considered as bad position to the planets.
     Upachaya sthana:
            3,6,10,11 houses are called upachaya houses. These are called houses of growth and prosperity. Planets placed in these houses are considered to grow and improve over time. Particularly, malefic planets placed in these houses bestow good results during their dasa period.
     Maraka sthana:
            The houses for longevity are 8thhouse and 3rd house. The 12th houses for these two houses are 2nd and 7th house causing death to a person. The  2nd  and 7th  houses are  called principal maraka houses. These houses and its lord are used to determine the time of death of the native.
     Dhushta sthana:   
            The 6,8,12th houses are called evil houses. Lords of these houses bring problems, obstacles, losses during their dasa-pukthi period.
     Pathaka sthana:
            Apart from above mentioned evil houses there are another set of evil signs or houses based on the nature of the ascendant. Lord of that sign is called pathakathipathi
     For fixed sign ascendants the 9th house is the pathaka sthana. Planets in these houses and its lords bring problems to the native. But 9th house is the most auspicious house in any chart. Then how does this 9th lord acts as pathaka planet?  The 9thlord doesn’t create problem except during death of the person.
     For movable sign ascendants, the 11th house is the pathaka sthana.
     For dual sign ascendants, 7th house is the pathaka sthana.
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