Chapter 33 –House of Gain

     The eleventh house from the ascendant is called house of gains, second wife, and elder siblings. These are the three main things we can know from this house.
     If the lord of the eleventh house is exalted or in own house or in friendly house then the above mentioned things would be favorable to the native. If debilitated or in enemy house then would get unfavorable results.
     In north Indian charts, the house next to the tenth house in anti-clockwise direction is eleventh house. From the natural order of zodiac sign marked in the ascendant, we can derive which zodiac sign is eleventh house. For example if the ascendant is marked with 4 then the eleventh house would be Taurus.

north Indian horoscope showing eleventh house
North Indian chart showing eleventh house
     In south Indian chart, since the zodiac signs are fixed, the sign which is next to the tenth house in clockwise direction is the eleventh house.
south Indian horoscope showing eleventh house
South Indian chart showing eleventh house
     In Uttara Kalamrita Mahakavi Kalidasa says, the below are signified by the eleventh house.
  1. gain in every way 
  2. bad or wicked desire 
  3. all kinds of income
  4. staff 
  5. eldest brother 
  6. paternal uncle
  7. worshipping of deities 
  8. pilgrimage
  9. learning
  10. acquisition of wealth 
  11. surpassing cleverness 
  12. paternal property
  13. the knee 
  14. a preeminent place 
  15. love of ornaments and pearls
  16. the masters wealth
  17. loss of interest on capital
  18. making of ornamenents out of gold and sovereigns on behalf of ones lady-love 
  19. wisdom 
  20. ministership 
  21. brother-in-law
  22. gain 
  23. dawn of fortune 
  24. realization of one’s wish
  25. easy gain 
  26. cooking
  27. desire 
  28. mother longevity 
  29. ear
  30. lovely painting and 
  31. skill in practical arts
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