Chapter 32 –House of Profession

     The tenth house from the ascendant is called house of profession, prestige, and political success. These are the three main things we can know from this house.
     If the lord of the tenth house is exalted or in own house or in friendly house then the above mentioned things would be favorable to the native. If debilitated or in enemy house then would get unfavorable results.
     In north Indian charts, the house next to the ninth house in anti-clockwise direction is tenth house. From the natural order of zodiac sign marked in the ascendant, we can derive which zodiac sign is tenth house. For example if the ascendant is marked with 4 then the tenth house would be Aries.
north Indian horoscope showing tenth house
North Indian chart showing tenth house
     In south Indian chart, since the zodiac signs are fixed, the sign which is next to the ninth house in clockwise direction is the tenth house.
south Indian horoscope showing tenth house
South Indian chart showing tenth house
     In Uttara Kalamrita book, Mahakavi Kalidasa says, the below are signified by the tenth house.
  1. Trade 
  2. honour from the king
  3. riding on a horse 
  4. athletics
  5. Government job 
  6. service 
  7. agriculture 
  8. doctor
  9. fame 
  10. depositing of a treasure
  11. sacrifice
  12. leadership 
  13. elders
  14. talisman
  15. incantations
  16. mother
  17. magnitude of moral merits 
  18. medicine 
  19. thigh 
  20. God
  21. prosperity
  22. adopted son 
  23. a lord 
  24. road
  25. honour 
  26. honourable living 
  27. a prince 
  28. fame
  29. teaching and the like
  30. seal 
  31. supremacy
  32. subjection
  33. commanding power
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