Chapter 43 – Ascendant Lord in Sixth House

     This is not considered a good placement for ascendant lord. Ascendant lord in sixth house brings lots of enemies, litigation and diseases to the native. 

Ascendant lord in sixth house

Since sixth house is one of the upachaya houses, all of these ill effects will come to an end during dasa period of ascendant lord. The native will be slave to some one. In the current social scenario, he may be working somewhere as an employee.

Ascendant lord in sixth house
     Aries Ascendant:
            Mars will be in Virgo. Virgo is Mars’ enemy sign. The native will be having diseases related to blood or nervous system. He may have litigation with his maternal relations. There will be loses during Mars dasa period. If Mars is placed in 2nd quarter of Uthra Phalguni/Uththiram or 1st quarter of Hastha nakshatra then native over comes all his debts, diseases and litigation during Mars dasa period.
     Taurus Ascendant:
            Venus will be in Libra. Libra is Venus’ own sign and mool trikon sign of Venus. Though the native gets some skin diseases or problems related to women, he overcomes/ gets cured during same Venus dasa period.
     Gemini Ascendant:
            Mercury will be in Scorpio. This is Mercury’s enemy sign. The native gets disease related to blood. His relationship with siblings and maternal uncle side will not be good. They become enemy to the native. When Mercury is placed in 2nd quarter of Anusha nakshatra, native gets power to face all of these problems.
     Cancer Ascendant:
            Moon will be in Sagittarius. This is his neutral sign. So, problems related to sixth house would affect the native moderately. He can face these issues with little efforts. But moon is placed in 2nd  4th quarter of Moola nakshatra, moon dasa gives good results.
     Leo Ascendant:
            Sun would be in Capricorn sign. This is his enemy sign. Native gets enmity from government or government officials. He may have problem with his subordinates in office. If Sun is placed in  1stquarter of Sravana/Thiruvonam nakshatra or 1st quarter of Dhanishta/Avittam nakshatra then native becomes powerful to tackle these issues.
     Virgo Ascendant:
            Mercury would be in Aquarius. This is his neutral sign. Native will be having diseases related to nerve system, muscles etc. He will having problems with his subordinates, servants or people lower to him. If Mercury is placed in 3rd quarter of Purva Bhadrapada/Purattathi nakshatra then Mercury gives enough strength to overcome all of these issues.
     Libra Ascendant:
            Venus will be in Pisces. Venus gets exalted here. Though native has problems related to marriage, woman etc and disease related to sex, he overcomes all of these  problems during Venus dasa.
     Scorpio Ascendant:
            Mars will be in Aries. This is Mars’ own house and mool trikon sign. The native will not have good relation with his siblings and uniformed people. But native overcomes all of these problems since Mars gets enough strength in Aries.
     Sagittarius Ascendant:
            Jupiter will be in Taurus. This is Jupiter’s enemy sign. Native will be having problems, litigation or diseases related to marriage, woman or wife and children. If Jupiter is placed in 4thquarter of Kritika or 4th pada of Rohini nakshatra then Jupiter showers good results to the native to overcome all these difficulties.
     Capricorn Ascendant:
            Saturn will be in Gemini. This is Saturn’s friendly house. Native gets litigation related to agency, commission based trade, or business. But since Saturn is friendly  there, native can overcome all these problems. If Saturn is placed in 3rd quarter of Marghashirsha/Mirugashirsham nakshatra or 3,4th quarters of Ardra/Thiruvathirai nakshatra, Saturn doubles its result.
     Aquarius Ascendant:
            Saturn would be in Cancer. Saturn shows enmity in Cancer. Native gets problems with respect to his mother, maternal relations, Foreign countries, litigations related to these. If Saturn is placed in 2nd and 3rd quarter of  Ashlesha nakshatra, then the native overcomes all of these problems.
     Pisces Ascendant:
            Jupiter will be in Leo. This is Jupiter’s friendly sign. Native gets problems related to eyes, Government, banks etc. If Jupiter is placed in 4th quarter of Magha nakshatra or 1st quarter of Uttara Phalguni/Uththiram nakshatra, native wins all these litigations and problems.
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