Chapter 40 – Ascendant Lord in Third House


     If the ascendant lord is in third house, generally it is not considered good position. If favorably placed, the native will be courageous since it is the house of courage. 

Ascendant lord in third house

He will be respectable, lucky and intelligent. The native has siblings and has good relationship with them. If the ascendant lord placed unfavorably, results would be in reverse.

Ascendant lord in third house

     Aries Ascendant:
            Ascendant lord Mars is in Gemini. Mars shows enmity to Gemini. So, results would be moderate. Since Mars is the karaka for siblings, as per the ‘Karako Bhava Nasthi’ concept*, he would not either be having siblings or not having good relation with them.
     Taurus Ascendant:
            Ascendant lord Venus would be in Cancer. Cancer is Venus’ enemy sign. The native will be having female siblings as Venus represents women. Since Venus is soft and beneficial planet, the native would not have much courage or braveness.
     Gemini Ascendant:
            Mercury would be in Leo. Since it is the friendly sign to Mercury it produces good results with respect to siblings, courage and fame. His siblings will be intelligent. Since mercury is an intelligent but soft planet, he shows courage selectively at right place.
     Cancer Ascendant:
            Moon would be in Virgo. Virgo is moons friendly sign. He performs well in this house. If moon is placed in 2ndor 4th quarter of Hastha is very good results are expected in moon dasa.
     Leo Ascendant:
            Sun would be in Libra. Libra is debilitation sign for Sun. So, it doesn’t produce good result if it doesn’t have cancellation of debilitation. Since Sun is a male planet, male siblings are expected. The native gets fame through politics, government etc.
     Virgo Ascendant:
            Mercury would be in Scorpio. Mercury is enemy to Mars  and shows enmity in Scorpio. So, Mercury doesn’t perform well at this place. But if mercury is placed in 4th quarter of Vishaka nakshatra performs well in this place.
     Libra Ascendant:
            Venus would be in Sagittarius. Though Venus and Jupiter, lord of Sagittarius are benefic planets, they are enemy to each other. So, Venus’ placement in Sagittarius is not considered good. But if Venus is placed in 2nd quarter of Moola nakshatra or 3rdquarter of Purva Ashadha/Pooradam, then it gains strength and showers good results.
     Scorpio Ascendant:
            Mars would  be in Capricorn. Mars get exalted in Capricorn. So, Mars produces good results. But again as per the Karako Bhava Nasthi concept, the native has male siblings but doesn’t have good relationship with them. Native would be very courageous since Mars is exalted here. But Mars should not be in 4th quarter of Sravana/Thiruvonam nakshatra.
     Sagittarius Ascendant:
            Jupiter would be in Aquarius. Jupiter performs moderately here because Aquarius is his neutral house. Native’s will have male siblings and they will be flourishing since Jupiter is a benefic planet. If Jupiter is in 1st or 4th  quarter of Shatabhisaa/Sathayam nakshatra produces good result during its dasa period.
     Capricorn Ascendant:
            Saturn would be in Pisces. Saturn is neutral in this sign. So, Saturn produces moderate results. Since Saturn is a natural malefic planet, the native would have siblings or would not have good relation with them. If Saturn is in 3rd      quarter of Bhadrapada/Uththirattathhi nakshatra or 2nd or 3rd quarter of Revathi nakshatra then it produces good results during its dasa period.
     Aquarius Ascendant:
            Saturn would be in Aries sign. Saturn gets debilitated in this sign. So, he doesn’t perform well in this place. The native would not be courageous and having siblings. If the Saturn is placed in 3rd quarter of Bharani nakshatra then it produces good results during its dasa  period.
     Pisces Ascendant:
            Jupiter would be in Taurus sign. At Taurus Jupiter shows enmity and its lord Venus is mutual enemy to Jupiter. So, Jupiter doesn’t perform well in this place. If Jupiter is placed in 4thquarter of Kritika nakshatra or 4th quarter of Rohini nakshatra it produces good results.
*Karako Bhava Nasthi: If a Karaka planet is in the respective bhava/house will not produce good result to that karaka. For e.g. Mars is the karaka for siblings and 3rd house is the house of siblings. He doesn’t do well to the native’s siblings. Jupiter is karaka for children and 5th house is house of children. So, the native either will not have children or will not have good relation with them.

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