Chapter 9 – Pukthi in Dasa System

Each dasa has been divided into nine unequal parts. These unequal parts of dasa are called Pukthis.  For example Jupiter dasa is 16 years. These 16 years has sub division nine pukthis. This division starts with the dasa lord’s pukthi. i.e The Jupiter dasa starts with Jupiter pukthi. Then the division goes by the sequence we saw in previous chapter, Chapter 8 – Dasa System.
So the entire sequence would be
Jupiter Dasa – Jupiter Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Saturn Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Mercury Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Ketu Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Venus Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Sun Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Moon Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Mars Pukthi
Jupiter Dasa – Rahu Pukthi
Now let us see how these unequal parts of Pukthis are calculated.
To find out any pukthi in any dasa you can follow these below steps.
Step 1:
            Note down the dasa years of the planets.
For example if you want to calculate the Saturn pukthi in Rahu dasa, then Saturn has 19 years and Rahu has 18 years.
Step 2:
            Multiply these years.
Rahu dasa years X Saturn dasa years  = 18 X 19  = 342
Step 3:
            Place a decimal point after 2 digits from left.
In our case, if we place a point  2 digits from left, it becomes 34.2
Step 4:
            Multiply the number after the decimal point with 3
In our case 2 X3  = 6
Step 5 :
            We have reached the final step. Combining the results found in last two steps, Saturn pukthi in Rahu dasa has 34(the two digits before the decimal point) months and 6 days.
After 34 months and  6 days, Rahu dasa – Mercury pukthi will start as per the sequence.
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