Chapter 23 – House of Self

     The zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the time you were born is called ‘The Ascendant’. This zodiac sign is called ‘Lagna’ in vedic astrology.
     We have 12 houses in astrology as we have 12 zodiac signs. The sign which has the ascendant is the first house. The ascendant lord and the planets in the ascendant plays major role in defining a person’s character, body, colour, etc.
     In north indian chart, the central triangle is the ascendant, marked as ASC. The zodiac sign is indicated with the natural order of zodiac sign, as shown below.
horoscope showing ascendant
Fig. 1
     The above picture Fig.1 shows north indian chart with ascendant and which is Cancer, marked as 4.
     In south indian chart, the zodiac signs are fixed. So only the ascendant is marked as ASC or a cross line.
south indian horoscope showing ascendant
     In Uttara Kalamrita Mahakavi Kalidasa says, the below are signified by the first house/Ascendant.
  1. Body
  2. limbs
  3. happiness and misery
  4. old age
  5. knowledge
  6. birth place
  7. fame
  8. dream
  9. strength
  10. dignity
  11. diplomatic
  12. longevity
  13. tranquility
  14. age
  15. hair
  16. appearance
  17. pride
  18. livelihood
  19. ganbling for others
  20. stigma
  21. honor
  22. skin
  23. sleep
  24. proficiency
  25. appropriating other’s money
  26. tendency to insult others
  27. freedom from disease
  28. discontent
  29. nature
  30. service to others
  31. perseverance in the breeding of cattle
  32. loss of decorum 
  33. blame from one’s castemen.
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