I was eleven years old then.. my father was working as a labor in a cotton mill. He wanted to build a own house as it was dream for any middle class family in India. Imagine in early 90’s it is very difficult to get a house loan.. Luckily he was able to get house loan from a nationalized bank. 
     While building the house he got interest in the engineering behind the construction and learnt the basics of construction. And he started helping his friends in building their houses. In 1992 he wanted to consult an astrologer to start his own career in construction. One fine day he got his appointment..

     By seeing his horoscope he said “Its the time to start your own career!!!”. My father was surprised!!!..But leaving current job to start a new business, that to from a lower middle class family, with out any back ground was a huge.. huge risk. My mother was very upset as he was about to leave his current labor job.. But the astrologer said “He will succeed in this business.. I guarantee this..Ache din anewala hein!!!”

     Now my father runs his construction company successfully for more than 20 years.. Interesting part in this is my father was a high school drop out.. and he did not know any thing about building construction till he was 33 years old. what made him to get into this field? why at a particular point of time he wanted to started his own career?  

     These questions drove me to learn astrology.. I learnt astrology from various sources including a family friend, a college lab attender and various ancient books. 

     I’m going to explain the excerpts of all these books in a very detailed manner. This blog is for beginners to experts.. 
If you follow the lessons from day 1.. you can soon become a skilled astrologer!!! 

Happy learning!!!            
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